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Fliying from London to Los Angeles

I am flying out to La in a couple of weeks time and I am looking for all the tips, hints, suggestions and anything else that people can tell me about. I am quite concerned about the flight back from San Francisco, it's an overnighter and I am a tad worried about the lack of exercise my legs will get - so with many advance thanks please let me know what you know.

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Find priotity assistance to board craft , buggy as gates a long way as I FOUND in oct flying from Gatwick.. drink pelnty of water no alcohol, flight socks to be worn . strectch legs , eg Walk to loo keep pain killers in hand luggage, neck pillow? have a good flight. any injections in hand luggage with cool block or a portable fridge>>?? ,but not sure how this can be done on long haul flight. I Havent done long haul since illness x


Thank for your help Summer. All taken on board, forgive pun. Had a good chat with Victoria on the phone which helped me a great deal. I have waited years to do this trip and I just have to go now or I won't go. Good travel insurance, meds sorted, neck pillow on order along with extra pair flight socks and from my late Grandma a memory of 4711 moist tissues. With much loved partner now carer with me it's a case of look out LA we're on our way. Thank you Summer, your words greatly received and I hope that you too are able to go long haul, if I can anyone can.


Have a great time. in hoping to be well enough for a long haul maybe next year??!!, im going some how or other to zante in may.. drugged up if need be in my case.. have a great time xx


I've flown long haul a few times over the last few years, and always make sure that I do very frequently get up and walk up and down the plane. Don't feel embarrassed about it - a lot of folk take exercising very seriously on the plane now to avoid DVTs. Also, as already suggested, avoid alcohol, drink plenty of water, take a squishy neck cushion (preferably one of the sausage shaped ones rather than a C-shaped one, as you can also use it behind your back, or supporting other areas). And definitely ask for wheelchair assistance through security and to the gate. Those airport terminals are far too big to comfortably walk through.

I'd also avoid taking sedatives of any kind to try and sleep - they can zonk you out too much, and mean that you increase the risk of both DVTs as well as stiffening up and getting really sore.

The other thing you have to plan a bit in advance is how you are going to manage your meds with the time changes. You need to make sure that you do keep taking meds regularly, but the timing may get a bit out if you don't work out in advance when you are going to have to take pills. I usually don't change the time on my watch until well after I arrive so its easier to keep track, and I also write down exactly when I take meds, particularly pain meds, so I know I'm not taking too many over 24 hours. Once I arrive I work out how to adjust the timing so it fits better with local time. Also make sure that you have a full weeks supply of meds in your hand luggage, just in case you luggage goes missing, plus a copy of your prescription list (again, in case you need to get replacements while away, as well as confirming that what you are carrying is prescribed). Keep meds in their original boxes or bottles with the prescription label on too, if at all possible.

The other thing you might want to get is a fold up cane - even if you don't actually need it for walking, its a good signal to other folk that you have a disability and may need a bit of extra help or assistance. You can get some lovely patterned ones now, and easily available from Boots or similar places.


As a retired airline stewardess I absolutely agree with earthwitch.

1. Pack ALL meds in your cabin baggage NEVER in hold baggage

2.Get a double scrip from you GP to cover weather delays / strikes etc

3.Do walk around on the aircraft - but NOT whilst the meal is being served please.

4.Pharmacists in USA are very helpful if you have any needs over there.

5.If you are going to any of the Theme parks they have free wheelchairs - do use them as it's a very exhausting day out (you can even use them to park your bags and help you walk around

6. Do take a bottle of water with you everywhere.

7.Don't worry about your return flight from 'Frisco - try to get an aisle seat so that you can get up when you want to without having to disturb your neighbour - don't fret about a window seat - one cloud is much like another, & scrambling over 2 other passengers is no easy job when they are asleep, and when you walk around you can look out of a window in the doorway- but as it's a night flight there is nothing to see anyway!

8. Relax and ENJOY your vacation - LA is a fabulous place - do try to get to see some of the small beach towns a bit out of the City and watch out for the Segways, they will expect you to move - not them!!! Have a wonderful time.Kathy


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