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Hello... Blank.... try again..... helloooo that's better. Talking of being better, today is the best I have felt in along time. Apart from a few niggles in my hands and wrists and one knee I am doing ok. I was formally diagnosed with RA on 22nd October 2010, having just returned from a wonderful cruise to the Canaries (my first holiday in 6 years) on the 19th October!

The joints were fairly quiet then I suppose because I had been resting for 10 days and I had enjoyed massages and acupuncture... fully spoiled. Then poof! 'Oh yes by the way you do have RA'. During the weeks previous to my holiday I was in and out of the doctors with my swollen joints. Had had blood tests - no raised inflammatory markers but got referred to the Rheumatologist for the 2nd time in 2 years. The last one had told me I had classic OA, he told me to lose some weight, wean myself off the Diclofenac and make the most of what I had!

Firstly I was "pleased" I had a firm diagnosis I knew it was more than just wear and tear and aches and pains. Then within a short time reality sunk in and it began to dawn on me what I was up against.

I came off the Diclofenac as I started to get side effects like dizziness and nausea.Things then really 'hotted' up quite literally. The first thing to hit was the change in mood. Then sheer exhaustion and eventually every limb started to hurt. Wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees, ankles, toes and the ball of my right foot! Like a train had hit me. It was still some time before my appointment on the 16th December to see the nurse about starting Methotrexate. Thanks to the members on the NRAS forum I had the courage to ring my consultants secretary because despite dosing myself with co-dydramol I was in agony. She was so kind and good and got the Rheummy nurse to contact me. The appointment was brought forward and she gave me a triple shot of steroids in the posterior. Three days later I woke up a different woman, and a lot of the stiffness and some pain had subsided. But those were dark days when I had to carry on at home as if nothing was wrong. I had to keep going there was no-one else to do my share of work on the farm.

This is all starting to feel too gloomy and miserable, so will finish now. I hope my experiences can help someone somewhere along the way. I have a long way to go and do not know what the future holds for me yet. Speak to you soon.

Tara for now.


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Hi julie

This is my very first blog I'm so excited:) I'm also sorry the day you were told you have RA is my birthday, I was also feeling really sad and gloomy that day not only because I was another year older 57 but my joints ached and I seemed to be so tired, i managed to get an appt with my Rheumy Cons and he upped my Humira to weekly; so now 2 injections MTX and Hum plus the other 12 pills and potions I must rattle as I walk or try to walk down the street.

So; after that rant I feel a little better so the question is will I have enough energy in June to go to the Neil Diamond concert.................

best try and convince the husband I will x x Tricia


Hi Tricia. Thanks for the comment, sorry you have RA. The tiredness seems to be getting worse whilst my joints are actually less swollen, although still dodgy. I seem to have swapped pain for a miserable ache... still it's better I suppose. A good rant does you good... you will have enough energy for Neil Diamond.. pace yourself eh! Hope you enjoy it. Take care x


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