NRAS Social Media Survey

Hi all

Just a quick reminder to anyone who hasn't filled in our survey into the use of social media by those with RA. It should only take about 10 minutes and our results will be published in the form of a poster at the British Society for Rheumatology conference in April - exciting stuff!

If you'd like to take part please follow the link below:

Many thanks to those who have already responded.

Sarah Kate


3 Replies

  • I have done and i suggest you put a like button on the blogs and questions, as sometimes i read the blogs,but don't always add to the conversation if others have said what i would have said, also it shows that people are reading the blogs if they have ticked to say like. sylvi.

  • Great stuff, and I like your suggestion. Unfortunately here at NRAS we don't have any control over how HU actually looks or works but I will certainly pass your comment on to the team at HU to see if this is something they have considered.

    Thanks Sylvi.

    Sarah Kate

  • I'd be a bit apprehensive about a 'like' button, agree it would be good to let people know that their posts have been read but 'like' sounds as if it's a popularity contest & I think it would be a shame if people started worrying too much about whether what they say pleases others.

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