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At last we are get some help to fight the DWP

I received this not so long ago, I'd like to say a big thank you to Sue for all the help and hard work she is doing for us and everyone who is sick and or disabled.

Diary of a Benefit Scrounger

DWP can run, but they CAN'T hide

Posted: 29 Jan 2013 03:58 AM PST

I've just heard that the DWP have refused to send anyone to Radio 4's You and Yours show on Radio 4 tomorrow (12 noon) to defend and debate with me the changes we exposed in #esaSOS.

Despite leading barristers saying they are ILLEGAL and Professors of medicine saying they are IMMORAL and UNWORKABLE the DWP haven't answered a single point we raised. Again.

It's remarkable. People are suffering. 140,000 people have been PROVEN to have been unfairly stripped of their livelihood . We challenge them, they don't even deny we're right, but they sit there in their ivory towers and say "So sue us"

Well, DWP, we will and if you think I'll stop at defeating you on ESA you're wrong. I'll make sure every last one of you is held PERSONALLY accountable for the horrific assault you're inflicting on vulnerable people in the UK who need you most.

In the next few weeks, I will release stories proving you are liars and cheats. I promise, you will not be able to hide from these. You will have no defence, no-one to blame but yourselves.

And yes, I'll do it from my hospital bed, and yes, I'll do it fed into my central line and yes, I WILL win.

And think on this DWP - You've left me the whole show to say what I like unopposed.

May you never sleep soundly again.

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keep me posted please thankyou


So, so right. A guy in Glasgow went for his ATOS medical and because the woman had no experience in mental health issues he refused to go on with the interview. He said he was not entering into a contract with ATOS and guess what ? A year down the line he is still getting his benefits and never heard from ATOS!!! Makes you wonder!!!


How in the name of anything can laymen from all walks of life suddenly become experts to make decisions on health conditions ???

Mind you, my GP came to me on a house call last week and GOT LOST! Reckons her SatNav got it wrong. I live a 10 min walk from the Surgery!

So maybe we are better off with laymen than professional medics?

Sorry don't mean to be flippant - but just where are we going in this country ?I just heard on the radio it is now being suggested that you can apply to become a Police Superintendant if you have been a success in another field....can't wait to see all those Pole Dancers

in Police Uniform!!!


on an up note. I think i have sorted out my ATOS carry on which has been going on since last October. Despite sending loads of information, which they lost as the adviser gave me the wrong address and about 10 phone calls and two letters I was still being plagued by requests for me to fill in forms for benefits i do not receive. I told them about my income changes and since then was plagued and besieged with forms which i wouldn't fill in cos i didn't receive the benefit.

Yesterday I telephoned and asked for it to be "accelerated" to their manager. Got a phone call last nite from an adviser saying fill in the form, so i thought oh well, this is nonsense. However at 9am this morning got a phone call from a very apologetic manager who said i had always been very honest with them and they know my circumstances so they apologized for continually sending me forms, i don't need to fill in any more, oh and we are dropping your payments!!!!!!

i knew they would as i was now receiving my ill health pension but at least she was polite and apologetic for the hassle unlike the advisors.

So hope i dont get any more ruddy forms through the door or you may hear me scream from wherever you live! xx


i prob live too far from you so won,t hear you scream lol they just cut my money by £35 a week don,t know how they justify them selves i have appealed so just waiting hope you don,t get anymore paperwork xx


Me too ! Will be very upset though if my blue badge goes, that's my only little bit of freedom


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