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One up one down

One up one down

Here i am sitting here writing this blog having been up since 5.00am. There are times when i can't fathom out whats going on with my body. Had a really good day yesterday,was quite cheerful and relatively happy. Went to sleep about 11.30pm bit uncomfortable but nothing unusual there. Had to go to the loo a couple of times nothing odd about that either. Come 5.00am am awake with no painkillers upstairs. So as i couldn't sleep went down and took the wretched things and then got on my chair and put tv on. I must have fallen asleep about 7-8am can't quite remember.Woke up when i heard hubby moving about upstairs.

I'm not feeling too bad in my head but i am in a bit of pain. My little finger feels like it wants to separate from the rest of my hand and it shakes. My whole right side is in pain,not sure whether its ra/fibro. I'm up one day down the next. I know i will always be in some sort of pain most of the time. I have to really enjoy the good days when they are here and put up with bad ones too.

I've had a play with my scooter and guess what it has a go faster button,i know i'm not safe on a slow speed!!! but at least it will keep me dry. I have to try and inject some humour into my life somehow. I will get Grace to take a fresh photo of me with my painted nails so everyone can see what i do to cheer myself up.I'm a sucker for a man in uniform.

Thanks for listening.

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OOh can't wait to see the nails! X


Hi Sylvi, was trying to find one of your other blogs where i think you mentioned some medication beginning with L for your Fibro ? Could you send me a message with the name please.

Hope your o.k today ?

Thanks Karen x


done it. xx


Like you new piccie,

Watch the speed limit on the scooter lol, Sylvi

I think it might be a plan to keep a few painkillers from your daily allowance up stairs in your bedroom with a glass of water at hand incase you need them in the night?, as I think on at least two of your blogs you say you have no pain killers upstairs?.this will save you getting out of bed, especially if you like me have a storage unit or bedside cabinet by your bed XX

Alison x


Alison,i do try to do that,but i end up using whats up there and i forget to take more upstairs.All the drugs i take make me forgetful.I have a head like cotton wool these days.

I love the jokes about my scooter,its makes me feel like i am in the work place with all the banter that i get on here. I do miss work as you can have a laugh,but i feel that with you and others i am in touch with the world.

Sylvi. xx


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