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Nice to know someone cares

Hi all,

Don't know if any of you watched the video of Michael Meacher's opening speech for the great Atos debate last week. I did and was moved to tears that someone was so eloquently fighting for those amongst us who are being so bad affected by current policies. I usually just think these things to myself but suddenly thought I should write and thank him as politicians only ever seem to get bad press and complaints. I emailed and never expected to hear anything back but got this lovely reply which I thought I'd share with my friends here. Not holding my breath that the campaign will work but one lives in hope. Pat x

Dear Patricia

Thank you for your comments .

I think the ATOS debate on Thursday 17 January was very successful with over 30 speakers and went very well, but I want to keep up the momentum. The Government’s case is scarcely defensible and ATOS has run out of any public confidence. Tory MPs present also made those comments and no backbench Tory MP present at the debate defended the current situation.

I am asking for Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for the Department for Work and Pensions, to meet a delegation at which I will present a dossier of all the cases I have built up. I am also hoping for further action in Parliament with perhaps an Opposition Day debate on the issue.

Best regards,

Michael Meacher MP

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That's great. I did hear some of the debate and the examples Meacher gave. Its good that he replied to you so quickly. If all MPs were like that...


How nice of him to reply so promptly but even nicer that you thought to email him and thank him for his support. Well done you!


Yes well done Misty - it's really important to give people positive feedback when you feel they really deserve it and as you say MPs get such a bad press. Mine is the Lib Dem chief whip and I have emailed him on several occasions - the first time was about the extradition order that Labour passed for the chap with Aspergers, Gary Mackinnon who had breached US security while searching for UFOs. It actually changed my usual voting choices because I was so furious with Jack Straw so I went to see my MP. He was completely in agreement with me and emailed me with updates everytime the matter was raised in parliament. I was so delighted when Teresa May overturned this decision in October and also turned my usual political loyalties completely on their heads. I will hold Michael Meacher in very high esteem since hearing his speach and then reading his response to yours. Tilda x


Well done you ! It was good to hear you had a response and not just lip service to you. I also watched part of the debate and I too was impressed with his sincerity and depth of passion and knowledge. I would be interested in supporting the cause as it effects us all. Any further updates greatly appreciated. Many thanks

Asa's mum xx