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Transporting Cimzia

Hi i have now researched this for 6 months. I am travelling across Europe for about 3 weeks this year by car I will then be staying in Bulgaria for 4 months. I need to transport my Cimzia. However the only portable temp controlled boxes I can find are for diabetes and only carry 2 pens. The only other alternative is £150 for a cool box which is digitally controlled. I also asked my Rheumy nurse if there was anything for our injections. She said she may research as part of her dissertation. Which does not help me. Does anyone know of anything please.

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Hello this is a 16litre cool box. It works off cigarette lighter in the car.


Bulgaria I love the place went ten or so years ago before illness and mass tourism it is a beautiful place.


Watson thank you so much that is perfect i have searched everywhere i was just concerned because the temperature has to be right. And summer yes it is beautiful Bulgaria we bought a house 7 years ago. 4 miles from the coast but in a nature reserve. My arthritis is so different over there because of the warmth and because i swim. So in March i take early retirement after 27 years. My job involves lots of travelling across the Uk. I have done my share of sitting on motorway services hoping a flare up would subside long enough to get home or the meds would take the edge off. I love the Cimzia its working. I think i have done every other drug and finally found something that works.

Good luck to everyone I hope for a good year for everyone on here.



Im hoping to go this year now you said that.. they have thermal baths too and hydro treatment.. when I went years ago I didn't need them but now I do.. good news on the cimza.. did you try any other anti tnfs first?


Yea i tried embrel and Humira they worked but were not strong enough without Methotrexate. I had been on MTX for 4 years but when they increased the dose to 20mgs inj i developed a beautiful rash so although they tell you that after 2 TNFs you cannot try another i really fought for it, and touch wood it has been brilliant. They wanted me to try the infusion forget what it is called but i researched and decided that i didnt want that. I have superb Specialist and Rheumy nurses, they fully inform you of developments, and my specialist explains absolutely everything. I didnt know about the baths but i will be looking now.


Hi Sharon

We've been asked this on the helpline before, and people have given us some links over the years, so might be worth looking at some of the following as well:

It is also worth contacting the ompany that delivers the drug to you (e.g. Healthcare at Home) as they will sometimes be able to supply you with something.

Hope you find something suitable.

Kind regards


(NRAS Helpline)


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