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Happy New Year

I hope that 2015 sees improvement in all our conditions and treatments. And that our nearest and dearest take a step forward in understanding our RA. And that they finally get properly to grips with Ebola. Those poor people.

And have (just a little - if the meds allow) a good toast to the new year.

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Happy new year to you Cathie and I hope you get back into that remission again xxxxx r u out in Edinburgh tonight?we r off to friends in Durham, it's lovely for us to be looked after after 10 days of people staying here! Xx


I'm not well enough to be out - last year I was, until the medics messed me up. But I will have a nice evening with my nearest and dearest. Hope you have a great time in Durham XX


Happy New Year to you too Cathie!


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And a Happy, Healthy-as-possible New Year to you Cathie, and everyone else. I had hoped to get up to Edinburgh for the New Year, but am not really well enough to enjoy it.

Thank you everyone for such tremendous support and that includes NRAS


Happy New year to you as well cathie!!! :)


The same to you and yours.xxx


And to you Cathie. I hope in the new year you become better controlled.


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