New years eve operation

Dad has long awaited operation today after 2 cancellations now in intensive care..

I have had a bad flare Gp signed me off this morning.. one week .. been struggling for weeks crawled almost literally to work this weekend joints screaming!!. had bad eye pain last night went to out of hours my normally good blood pressure sky high.. told me to see Gp today.. did.. and got signed off note.. says arthritis.. been rough time at work too recently..

Hope the New year is better for us all

Thank you for all your support

Alison xx

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  • HI Alison thinking about your dad and hope that 2013 is good to him. You have had an awful time in your work of late, the stress of feeling bad as well as being with unsupportive people must have been dreadful. You need a good rest and i hope you get it this week.

  • Hi Alison glad to hear that your dad has finally had his operation and hope that tomorrow brings you a new beginning at the start of the new year.Sorry to hear you are suffering at the moment it cant help with the cancellation of dads operation twice and the unsupportive environment you are working in on top of the pressures of the festive season. Make the most of this next week to see your dad and to look after yourself!!!

    Hoping that the new year brings you better things in your health, family and work life

    thinking of you and gentle hugs crisxx

  • Thank you just go woke up by fire works and flare pain x

  • Alison, i am pleased that your dad has had his op,its onward and upwards for him and your mum. You will be able to get a bit of rest in now you have been signed of work. Stress has a lot to answer for, you take care my friend happy new year to you.xxxxx

  • Hi Alison, I'm glad to hear that your dad has had his operation at last, and wish him well in his recovery. I'm glad too, that you are now going to have some time off. I can appreciate the reluctance to take sick leave when you're working, but at the same time your body is telling you that it wants you to stop! You've had a lot to cope with lately, and as already said, stress takes it's toll. Hope you feel better soon!

    Ally x

  • Sorry your new year hasn't started that well for you Alison, But Glad that your dad finally got his op, hopefully with this worry of your mind you will soon feel well again, Take a nice earned rest, Sending lots of Hugs xx

  • Hi Alison, talk about the good, the bad and the ugly! So glad your dad finally had his op - the stress of him being mucked about really can't have helped you at all. Take this week to rest and take care of you as much as you can. Hope 2013 is better for you and yours x

  • Glad to hear that your Dad had his op. Hope that you both will be on the mend soon. Happy new year. Wendy xx

  • just got back from hosp critical care

  • dad sleepy but stable

  • All the very best wishes to your dad. Take care

    Love Karen xx

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