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Impossible to sleep

It is nearly three am, went to bed at ten am and so far had

three cups of tea whilst watching all sorts on the box.

My shoulders and upper arm muscles are killing me, unable

to lift them up without pain and stiffness. No matter how

I lay down the pain has me sitting up within minutes.

Just remembered, it is now Christmas day. trying very hard to

not feel self pity, failed a couple of times and hoped a good

weep would tire me out, no such luck!

Just watched Scrooge with Ross Kemp in the lead role, it is sad

but so funny in a quirky way.

Have a good day all.

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I have nt slept well did a blog at midnight went to bed around ten x


I'm struggling to sleep these days most nights i wake every 2hrs got woken by my daughter playing father xmas at some very early hour then by her cat knocking everything off my table! Looking forward to a really long sleep one day hope u have a lovely day


Morning i was up at 4 with pain in feet sat watching telly and popping pain killers hoping yo get thought today with out the swelling i had last night . It will be nice when its all over dont get me wrong i love christmas but with ra this year seems to have been a struggle . Hope you all have a great day gentle hugs x


Morning everyone,i too have been down here during the night but i went back to bed and didn't get up until 7am. My shoulders ache and my tinnitus is so load that it is being noisy over my hearing aid.

I send you all hugs and i hope that you get some relieve soon. Merry christmas. xxxxx


Hi me to little or no sleep for ages as hips so painful and can,then get comfortable,never mind it's Christmas and I hope you get some relief. Soon xxx


Thanks for kind words all.

I could stand it no more and have upped my steroids.

It came about as I was told to drop down to 2mg per day, so fed up

with it all, have needed help with washing, dressing and my hair.

Thank goodness I am just about able to manage in the bathroom!!!

Would have made my christmas had I had to ask for help(:(

healing wishes to you all.


i too had bad nights sleep, kids have been up from 6 screeching and opening presents, i went up with them til a few minutes ago and have now crept back to bed for an hour. The wee pets are so happy (probably for an hour or two more and then.......)


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