Too sore to sleep

Hello all, it's 4 am here and I am awake from the pain and exhausted, but hurting too much to fall back to sleep. We have had thunderstorms for several days in a row and my pain seems to be peaking right now. I can barely keep my eyes open, but can't sleep. So irritating! I started Enbrel almost 3 weeks ago and what I'm noticing so far is that the steroid shot I had over a month ago has worn off. I really hope the Enbrel starts to offer even a little relief very soon! I deeply appreciate having this place to come and vent. I'm so glad I will be understood and no one will tell me to be more positive or that I'm attracting the negative into my life. I try to be patient because people have no idea what they're talking about. No idea how positive I am and how often I power through or set the pain aside in my mind to focus on other things. So, thanks! I hope you're having a pain free, or nearly, day!!

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  • Hi Sophie ,

    I do hope you start to get some relief and sleep soon . It isn't nice at all , being in pain and not sleeping , in the middle of the night . I started my Enbrel 2 and 1/2 weeks ago ..... waiting for it to kick in ....hopefully soon .

    take care

    Karen x

  • Thanks, Karen! I take my third Enbrel shot tomorrow. I hope we're both feeling better soon!!


  • Hi again ,

    I hope you got some sleep! And really hope your pain has settled .

    I'm just saying ........have you ever looked into CBD oil ? I never have , until recently.

    Just letting u know I have been looking very much into its anti inflammatory and pain relieving properties......

    I have slept the best in the past five days , than in past fourteen months........

    Did not spend the nights moving from side to side , trying to get comfy ....

    Take care , fingers x our Enbrel starts to kick in .


  • So sorry to hear you are hurting. I also have had more pain with rain/humidity. Can you take Unisom? It has worked well for me. If I am in severe pain I take one Unisom with a Melatonin. If you can't take meds may I suggest I sound machine? I use the ocean. I also have watched baseball or a boring movie to sleep and that has worked. Avatar put me in a sleep coma, ha! Good luck and good health to you. Take care, Penny

  • Hi Sophie! In homage to your "name" I hope the following pic givez you a smile! Also, maybe try valerian not try the tea-it tastes Awful! My hubs takes it to sleep when he was working graveyard shift.

    Feel better soon


    PS don't know how to do a pic here😢...I have a very silly keeshond that would hopefully give you a smile

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