Well I found out today just how bad I am getting. I was looking for something down low and managed to get down on the floor and then tried to bend my legs to tuck my feet underneath me. Nope not going to happen. My knees are so swollen and sore they would not bend. So there I was, almost flat on the floor trying to search for the item I wanted. I think the words total frustration come to mind.Thank heavens there are no cameras in my house and no one home and getting up again was probably even funnier if anyone had been watching. It was a reality check though, as I had no idea it was quite that bad

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  • I struggle when i get on the floor,i have one knee replaced so can't kneel on that and torn tendons in the other.So i have to look at things to grab hold of something to haul me up and it is not a pretty sight i can tell you,so i know how you felt. I am glad you were able to laugh as i don't know about you,but laughter gets me through some horrible times. Hugs from

  • Hi Sylvi, yep have to laugh or I would just cry at how my life is now.

  • Morning, a similar thing happened to me yesterday. I went for a long walk along a pebble beach. It was a lovely walk, it was cold but I was well wrapped up. I went right down by the sea & watched the waves,all was good with the world until I turned round. I was fine coming down the slight pepplley inclines but how was I going to get back up!! Well it was not a good look, one for you tube! I tried hard to walk up but my feet & knees were having none of it, after I fell I decided to stay down & crawl. It took awhile but I got there. Not so long ago I could of run up there but now without the meds I wouldn't even of been able to walk down. So bitter sweet.

    I did have a chuckle to myself, I'm sure if seen people would of thought I'd had a few!

    Have a lovely day & keep the cameras off! x

  • Hahaha I know I keep thinking I am so lucky no one was home to see! Hope your knees are OK after that crawling

  • Poor you. It is a shock when you need to do something you haven't done in a while & find out it's just not possible. I had to lie on the floor on my tum to look for one of my tablets when it flew trying to cut it in half. Is there any way you can hurry them up?

  • No I just have to wait for the letter for the initial appointment. On a sort of good news front I finally have a date in March for my 3rd cardiac ablation.

  • Good, that's something to look forward to, not!! ;)

  • Well I am hoping this one will fix the problem. Oh well onward and upwards!

  • Everything's crossed for you, I know it's not easy to lie still for that long.

  • I can identify with that. In deference to a sweet Polish girl, I had put cabbage leaves on my knees, held in place by cling film. ( it didn't help the inflammation, by the way!) Then I was trying on a bra, with magnetic front fastening. My hands were too weak to pull it open and It ended up on my head. I needed to go to the loo urgently. In my attempt to get off the loo, I fell onto the floor and just couldn't get up. Fortunately my mobile was in my pocket, so I rang a neighbour who has a key. I shall never forget the expression on her face when she saw me, knickers round my ankles, cabbage leaves on my knees and a bra on my head! Somehow, she got me to my feet, but we were both collapsing with laughter.

  • You've just made me laugh Jo, you painted such a picture!! Speaking of which have you done any of your brilliant doodles recently? I may have missed them if you have, I've bee on & off the site & expexperiencing problems again.

  • That really made me chuckle x

  • Chuckles are good for you! It was indeed quite a spectacle. Just as well I didn't have to call 999 or I would have ended up a different department, I fear.

  • Hahahaha Sorry but that is hysterical. I have a fear of having to call someone when I am stuck in an indelicate situation. Motivates me to try and keep upright and not get down on the floor too often but yes the loo is a challenge.

  • I'm glad that made you laugh, Heels. So sorry you've been having problems. It's a bummer, isn't it. I haven't managed to do any art, digital or otherwise. But I'm going to Seville for a week on Friday. We may have to hire a wheelchair as my walking is very bad at the moment, thanks to massive inflammation from mid thighs to mid lower leg. I can't remember whereabouts in Spain you were. All Good Things to you, Jo x

  • Oh, it did Jo, need it today? Ooo I'm getting fed up! I don't think it is my tablet, I've been tthrough ....actually just been into settings again & I think I've solved one issue yay!!! Jan says she's contact support so I'll see if changes happen. Sorry about that!

    I hope you enjoy your time in Seville, it's great city. Don't be tempted to ever take a break in the summer months though, it is fiercely hot & horribly humid, not good for the joints at all. We lived the other side of the country, a good few hours away. Think of me visiting my h in hospital multiple times whilst you're there ha ha! Seriously I hope you have a smashing tIme. x

  • Hello someonesmother, I am hoping you can maybe get in to see your Rheumy ASAP. Sounds like you are suffering terribly and may need a med review. I know all our RD is different, but my heart goes out to you. Please ring your Rheumy, tell them 'nicely but firmly' that you cant live like this, and that your current medication is not effective, that you need to see the Rheumy. It sounds like you do have some tests booked, from reading the comments, I hope you can find some answers and some relief.

    In keeping with humour- I have worn my sons hockey shin guards, they velcro around the back, and go up and over the knee like tanked armor and several sizes to big. They came in handy when I could not walk, and had to crawl up the stairs to the washroom on my hands and knees, before I was diagnosed.

    I have also used his hockey stick, with two sided tape on the blade part. It helped me pick things up off floor level, but I really had to keep my cats away from it as the stuck hair made the tape ineffective....and my son gets annoyed when I steal his equipment....and keeping in it wrong to picture you writing this post whilst sprawled upon the floor? :)

    I love the pic "No sir, I do not like to move it, move it" its so fitting!

  • Hi Hobbits I did get an emergency appt with rheumy and he put me on imuran, 2 1/2 weeks ion it now, and has booked me for the biologics clinic I just have to wait for a date, apparently it may be end of Feb. Just have to tough it out until then.

    haven't had to crawl up the stairs yet but I am coming close. never thought of shin guards but I will keep that in mind. I used to steal my sons skateboard to move heavy items they really are great for that. hahahaha

  • ? The skateboard mention is giving me ideas!

    Good luck at your biologic appointment at end of February, that's not far off.

    I take me second Humira shot this Thursday. No changes or anything yet. No bad side effects so far either. I count myself luckey as I can tolerate it.

    Still slowly tapering off Prednisone. Rheumy wants to see what the Humira can do on its own.

    Good luck at end of February! I'm excited for you and wish you best of luck!

  • Oh that is great not many side effects. That is the thing that freaks me out a bot considering all the side effects I have had so far from stuff. I am not sure how long it takes after the first appointment to figure out which one I will be on. I have been on imuran for nearly three weeks and have had a headache constantly and hmmm some other undesired effects who makes me spend a lot of time in the bathroom, which is a bit embarrassing at work. Thank heavens my desk is near the toilets hahaha Bit concerned as to what will happen when I go up to 2 a day this Saturday eeekkk.

  • I always leave a chair nearby (which is tough if you are on a beach) so I can hoist myself up. I also am glad no one is filming my life 24/7.

  • I usually have props around me, it was more that I just couldn't no matter how hard I tried to bend my knees to tuck my feet up so I could lean forward and check the things I was looking for. Oh well it must have looked really funny and was an eye opener for me. I know I have had increasing trouble but wow.

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