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Sleep Deprivation

Can you sleep? I feel like a dead woman walking from fatigue but I am really struggling to sleep.

I am so tired and have no difficulty falling asleep but I just can't master staying asleep as the pain wakes me all the time.

I can't take any kind of pain killer which will totally knock me out or leave me 'hungover' as I am also a parent/carer so am between a rock and a hard place. Heat helps a bit so I use hot water bottles and reusable microwave heat pads. I do like the 12 hour disposable direct to skin heat pads best but ration them as they are really expensive.

What are your best sleep tips?

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Hi Ann. It's a hard one. I was exactly the same as you. I can go to bed at 8 p.m. and go straight to sleep,but always wake up at some point. Unfortunately the only thing that has helped has been painkillers! They knock me right out and can sleep right through until 7 the next morning,so long as my bladder can stick it. LIke you a lot of nights I woke with the pain or discomfort. Have you tried the natural sleep aids? I know you don't have trouble sleeping but they might help. I am saving for one of those tempur mattresses. My daughter has just bought one and they feel wonderful,supporting your limbs without any pressure. They are a bit pricey,but she got one off e bay for £140 and it really is good. Unfortunately i have a super king size bed because David is 6' 4" and needs the space! and mattresses that size are a lot dearer. But from what I have heard it helps. Good luck x Julie


Why not get two single matresses - one decent one for you and a cheap one for hubby - he's hardly in bed at the mo anyway so shouldn't notice!!


Hi, i have got a mattress with the memory foam top and it is soo good, the only trouble is i can't sleep anywhere else ! I am on amitriptyline 25mg because i was a bit depressed and could not sleep and they are working well as they help with pain too, before that i was buying sleep easy from Boots and they worked well too.

Hope things get better soon


Hi Ann, I too take Amitriptyline (same as Kaz) and they do help. I know taking drugs is not always the answer but if they help it's sometimes worth it.

I think sleepless/restless nights are all part of the RA.

mand xx


yes agree amitriptyline and heat,! says me with 2 hrs sleep last nite, no amitriptyline, another good sleep tip is if you dont have to work sleep when you can !not v practical, having a bad flare so started my 30mg steroids at 3am this morning lol


Amitriptyline and a couple of pain killers are what get me through the night too. A god send, the best thing ever as long as you take them early enough in the evening so you're not knocked out the following day! I too have little ones who do manage to wake me up if they need me (I think you're always on call as a mum though). Also our memory foam topped mattress is brilliant - cheapy one from Tesco's - I now love my bed! Hope you find something that helps x


Thanks everyone for sharing what works for you.

I think I'll start saving for a memory foam mattress - may take a while as it's a King size bed. Do like the idea of buying a good one for me and a less expensive one for the husband. Don't think he'd go for it though!

Will definitely look into Amitriptyline as I hadn't heard of it before. Had a quick scan on Dr Google and it does flag up something about thyroid conditions. Will have to find out if I can take it with an underactive thyroid & thyroxine medication.

Going to try and get some sleep again now. Just waiting for my husband to fill up my hottle water bottles as I can't lift the kettle or screw/unscrew the caps :-(

Goodnight all......


Ann for starters have you not seen an electric heat pad saves the cost off keep buying the stick on ones and these are so much better for nite time or when watching telly this is the link to them from argos.

I also take amytriptline to help sleep along with oramorph.

I use biofreeze on my knees, and if they are throbbing I find bandaging them up stops it, my ocupational therapist shown me how to do it with knees, ankles and fingers and it seems silly but helps.

Before bed I use a wax bath to help ease my hand pain these are also from argos

my physio used to treat me with one off these but I bought one myself as I found it so good I also use the wax bath in a morning if my fingers are stiff.

And I also find a neck pillow helps and a body pillow

these things all help me anyway and Ive tried alsorts anything is worth a try when you cant sleep!

Hope you find some sleep soon. I am off now to see if I can find some too xxx


Thanks. I'm going to look at these links now. Hope you managed to get some sleep last night too.


I slept for a couple off hours last nite, I hope you did too. These items all help me in there own ways and anything is worth a try.


hope you are now getting some sleep, my 2 kids got together and bought me a memory mattress i have a small double and like you are dearer than normall sizes and a memory pillow all so comfy,,my friend does craft made me 2 dinky pillows for between my knees and ankles with soft ties and one for my back, i dont sleep all night but can now go about 2 hrs straight, i wont take sleep pills my choice, good luck


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