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Christmas Magic??!

Just got a phone call from a physio offering me an appointment. Told her I didn't need it as things are good, great, wonderful though conceded that this happy situation could change because that's the way it goes sometimes. She said why didn't I just come in anyway after Christmas for a short (40 minute!) mot of my joints & review of exercises. Very nice telephone manner, not patronising, 40 minutes(??!), preventative medicine, communication ..... what is all this?

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Wow lucky you Woolly don't question it - something is going right and it's Xmas time?! Tilda xx


Blimey! Can I move in with you please....? I've just come back from my final appointment with a physio, yet again someone new as last person has left which makes the 4th new person I've seen in 3 months. Yet again never got as far as actually examining me, but just a long explanation of what the physio service can offer but in slightly different words than the last 3 appointments, where all that happened was that I was given some exercise sheets. So turns out that that they're only geared to give education/advice, as they don't believe that hands on treatment is effective long term (?!). So I explained what I knew about my condition, and what I did anyway to keep things functioning, and would welcome further education & advice.... His answer? Had I considered a wax bath! He offered me another appointment in 3 weeks time, but unfortunately not with him as he was leaving, and he couldn't consider examining me today as our 20 minutes was up. I decided it wasn''t worth the bus fare. So your physio sounds absolutely amazing, and just a great Xmas present! Enjoy! Polly


I would take up the opportunity to go for physio if offered. Some advice seems obvious but I have improved mobility in my shoulders and arms having taken their advice.


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