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Hi now what or who is this you ask so I am about to tell you.. It is a band/ tribute act.

( pic is a diff band ballroom glitz which I saw pre illness)

After the two sets of disappointment over dads two cancelled ops, I had emptied by diary for December, not to mention used three days of my leave for cancelled operations!

I saw a gig or tribute band advertised in a nearby market town.. you can google the band .

I went to see them friday night and had a fabulous time with some dancing and drinking (I had a lift). I met my friend Karen there she had a stroke at 39 and has battled back to near fitness at 47 years old.. she uses two folding sticks now mainly for balance and confidence but can dance but has me or some one nearby in case any wobbles.

I dressed sensibly flat boots legging and a top.. the venue has chairs and the odd table round the dancefloor/ ball room ,

The played abba, queen, some rock , some twist and shout stuff, adele etc huge catalogue of stuff and great atmosphere .

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Great to hear you had a fabulous time on friday you certainly deserve it after all you ahve been through recently. Hope it has lifted your spirits and that things get better for you and dad gets his operation soon.

take care and chin up



Excellent :o) Glad you had a good one......... Good for the soul x


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