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Do all rheumatologists check joints for bogginess?

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I know that the first rheumatologist I saw used ultrasound and she said that she saw no evidence of inflammation and I had fibromyalgia. The second rheumatologist checked for bogginess in my joints and said I had inflammatory arthritis. She doesn't use ultrasounds. Is that how people are diagnosed bogginess in their smaller joints? Every time I go she checks my fingers, wrists and toes for this bogginess. I can not feel anything or see anything different in the joints she feels this bogginess in. I mostly feel the problems in my ligaments and tendons, I think. Just curious.

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I have always had my joints examined when I’ve been able to have F2F appointments. There’s a good YouTube video on how to check your own joints. They explain the bogginess as like the sensation of gently pressing on a grape.

I have never had ultrasound on any joints.

What does 2F2 stand for?

It’s face to face. Sorry!

OH, Lol. I have found the video. Thanks. I feel quite sad watching it. Maybe it is the music. Just hard to listen to the words disease activity. I know that I need to listen to this though and learn about it so I can assess myself. Thanks again.

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The video sounds interesting - do you know what it's called please?

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‘How to self examine for tender and swollen joints in Rheumatoid Arthritis’

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Thank you!

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Thank you so much for this video. I found it very interesting and has really helped some of the questions I’ve had in my head for years.

My experience is the same as Lolabridge. Always examined and no ultrasound.

I had an ultrasound on initial diagnosis but physical exam on every appointment since (5years)

Yes always a bogginess check and am amazed that they can detect swelling even when I have told them there is none. They can look OK to me but rheumy can feel it. Think I tend to only think they are swollen when they are obviously large e.g. fingers like sausages which they often are.

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I have my little finger pressed! Not sure of bogginess but that made my rheummy change my meds! Reminds you of the film the Labrynth and The Bog of Eternal Stench.

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🤣 Wow that is amazing. The boggy test is obviously important. When the pandemic is over I am going to squeeze everyone's joints compared to mine and see If I can detect bogginess.🤣

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Be careful you might get arrested!

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My rheumy does both. Feels small joints first and will whip out her ultrasound to check larger joints like shoulder or confirm inflammation in small joints.

Mine doesnt use ultrasound after initial diagnostic tesrs ,just clinical examination. Mine look obviously swollen in the spaces between fingers and knuckles and obvious pools of fluid other areas

It's very interesting, after 41 yrs of having RA I've only just heard of bogginess, and I only had my first ultrasound of wrists about 6mths before the pandemic started, your always learning with this desease 🤔😁💕💕💕💕

My rheumy never checkes my joints which I don't feel is right. I did ask her to do it once and she did but has never done so again. Many years ago, I was having very bad back ache and was sent for physio. The physiotherapist felt my back and remarked that he had never come across such a "boggy" back. At the time, I had no idea what he meant, but this video has talked about it, but hasn't said anything about a back being boggy so I wonder what they meant or if I actually had RA all those years ago (about 18 or 19 years). Also it does seem silly that feet and toes aren't counted in the scoring as mine are very painful and when I had an ultrasound scan done on them about 5 years ago, I was told there was a lot of inflamation there but it was never mentioned again.

Yes it’s infuriating that the rheumies seem to have little interest in our feet. They are the worst part of my body and there is still inflammation in mine and also bone grinding on bone causing pain and very reduced mobility. That was discovered when I saw a musculoskeletal consultant recently for a bunion problem and the examination and X-rays showed the extent of the problem. I’m convinced some of the damage occurred during the two years my RA was not properly controlled.If your feet are troubling you I suggest you ask your consultant to refer you to a podiatrist and/or a musculoskeletal consultant if necessary.

I have seen a consultant podiatrist and the operation I would need to sort out my feet which are now all deformed would be very difficult and complex. It would require them taking bone from my hip as well. I had a toe joint replaced six years ago and it was a disaster. The podiatirst would have to remove it all and fuse my toe joint. Also on the X-ray it showed up that the toe joint had broken and a large piece of it is now lodged in the side of my big toe making it look like a bunion. Because I have been suffering with cellulitis and a leg ulcer since last November (getting much better now) and now I have lung problems, it has been decided that I will see the podiatrist again later in the year. Just recently, the pain in the top of my foot has got much worse. It would have been better if I had never had the toe joint replaced at all.

Oh gosh you poor thing. I’m so sorry to hear what you have and are suffering. I hope someone can find a way to make your feet feel more comfortable. X

Thank you so much Lolabridge.At present the thing that is the most concerning is the problem with my lungs. A CT scan showed that I have scarring, thickening, shadowing and a lacy pattern on my lungs which sounds frightening.

An appointment with a chest/respiritory consultant has been arranged for this coming Monday 10th May. It has been rushed through in three weeks. In one way it is good that I have got a fast appointment, but in others it is worrying because they have put it through so quickly. I walked up the garden path this afternoon and bent down to pull up a dandilion and when I stood up, I had great trouble getting my breath properly and was wheezing and feeling like I was suffocating. I somehow managed to get back into the house, but it was not a nice feeling.

I am wondering what I will hear on Monday. I also have to go for lung function tests in early June. xx

At least you're getting prompt attention and I hope things improve soon. Meanwhile, leave the dandelions for the bees! x

The bees wouldn't mind me picking just that one Lola as the rest of the garden has plenty left for them. xx


Oh my! I hope they can help you and give you some good information on Monday. I hope that you have had your vaccinations for covid! Have you? I think you should be a priority for that!

Yes, I had my first vaccination in February and my second one two weeks ago.

Glad to hear that! 👍😀👏

I felt the same i told them my elbow was painful and couldn’t straighten it just said its fat causing the problem. I made an appointment with GP when i went home as wasnt very happy. Took months for me to have a scan and called the service as in a kot of pain just told that as my GP was dealing with they didnt want to intervene. Found to have severe synovitis in elbow. As i had an appointment with a nurse told me verbally the result and told me to tell them as it would take a while for a letter to get to them. Said they should find the results in the system . Said couldn’t find them sio couldn’t do anything until they receive the letter. 2 months later saw a rheumatology registrar who said it was very inflamed and gave me a steroid direvt into the joint. I refuse to see that consultant now.

No not all just look at blood test and says all is going ok

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