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passing strangers

Feeling a bit low,I dialled my brother's number and a jolly person wished me season's greetings.

not recognising the voice I said "Sorry,I think I've dialled the wrong number."

quick as a flash she said

"well I haven't picked up the wrong phone..."

I actually did laugh out loud! I thanked her for cheering me up. she wished me season's greetings and we hung up.

I don't know who she was, but she changed my day by making me laugh and giving me a funny tale to share.

angels take many forms.



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Well that put a smile on my face.

Its good to know there are people out there who are willing/happy to chat to folk and not growl at them for a wrong number!

God bless her for not growling or putting the phone down but for actually making your day!

Its just a shame the world isnt full of people like her.


indeed. it would be nice to think we could affect someone like that.



Sandra, that is so heartwarming isn't it. xxxx


I will consider that the next time I receive a rongoing number caller. Lovely story to share, specially at this time of year.



What a quick witted response? I always think of things like that to say but usually after politely saying " sorry but I think you have dialled the wrong number" - from now on I will try and get my few brain cells in gear before answering! Tilda x


Nice story it made me smile x


Lovely story.

Our number is very similar to a chiropodist nearby and we often get wrong numbers, I had a message on our answer machine from an old gentleman trying to make an appointment for his wife. I didn't hesitate in ringing them to tell them they had phoned the wrong number, they were so pleased and I think a little surprised that I had bothered.

If my OH answers the phone and it's a wrong number he normally says not to worry the phone was ringing anyway!,



Great story. It's even brightened up my day.


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