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Back in the day, Aspirin seemed to be the only Pain relief for any number of problems, Why in this day an age havent all the top docs and pharmasists got together to make some sort of Super Aspirin that stops pain ,reduces inflammation and doesnt burn holes thru your stomach or mess with your heart like some nsaids, surely theres some kind of drug that could be made to help people with chronic pain conditions without giving them more problems. Please u Drug companys get your fingers out and come up with something ,I am 8 months into taking diflafenic 2-3 times a day and already get weird twinges in me kidneys and feel my heart jumping about,[ hope this is half normal ] so on behalf of all of us Hurry up please.

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  • See if you can have another drug.i was on diclofenic and it put me in hospital. It aggravated my tummy and gave me diverticulitis. First thing they did was take me off diclofenic,i had to have antibiotic drips and after three days i came out. Since then my pains have got worse. I don't want to alarm you but if your getting signs now see your gp and ask for something else. At the moment my ra is starting to flare.

    Hope you don't suffer too much. best wishes, Sylvia.

  • Sounds like you could do with a Super aspirin Sylvi, jokes aside Thanks for the advice ,I hate tablets ,A super Steroid injection that lasted for life would be good,anyway hope u get thru this Flare, keep your chin up, m8.

  • I was ok on the diclofenic its only since i came off them that the trouble started. I have fibromyalgia to add to the mix. Never mind nmy hubby is coming out of hospital today so i'm happy. sylvi.

  • I will join you in your quest for super asperin - even the simple old asperin appears to be a miracle drug. Did you know that it originated from the bark of a tree!

  • Barking yes sure you don't want to mad!!!!! trying to have a laugh.xx

  • Sylvi, Congratulations on your husband coming home; I bet you are over the moon. Lots of rest for you both! Mel

  • I hope so I've missed him something awful. sylvi

  • Hello, I stopped taking Naproxen due to horrid dizziness/vertigo, I notice if I try any nsaid's I get this happening. Not sure if I should say this, probably shouldn't but when I stopped taking them I never noticed any worsening of my RA whatsoever, then again it is very well controlled.......

    yes, I agree though and expect it's hopefully already being looked at :)

    Summer/aka Alison may have some info, wherever she is? (hello Alison x)

  • Having been on diclofenac years my rheumy team prescribed lanzaprosole (probably spelt that wrong) however, it is a stomach lining tablet which is taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, half an hour before anything else. Are you on anything to line your stomach ? If not GP or rheumy team can supply prescription

  • I found if i eat something with naproxen my stomach is OK but i do take Omerprazole too.Yes I'll join you in the quest for a super aspirin too

    Agree with Sylvia - get those symptoms checked out !!


  • Aspirin comes from willow I think

    Nice thought

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