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anybody had a bone fusion of the wrist?

anybody had a bone fusion of the wrist?ive been to hospital today and have returned with a splint on my left wrist,booked in for a cortisone injection on christmas eve and if this doesnt work possibly having a bone fusion. im still working full time in the building industry (struggling at times}just wondered what is the positives and negatives of this

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My R wrist has fussed itself, not by an operation. So i have limited range of motion in that writs, but it is most of the time pain free. The RA seems to have run it's coarse in that wrist and given up there, and moved on to other joints. It only gets painful when all my RA is severely out of control. Not sure this helps, but that is my experience with fused wrist join.


Hi, my right wrist has also self-fused. I did have to go and see the orthopedic surgeon when it was causing a lot of pain and he said that as my wrist was mostly self-fused (at that point) then he said if I could bear it, just to leave it. But I was not working in the same environment as you are - that must be very difficult indeed. I know that sometimes my wrist and arm would be agonizingly painful so I can't imagine having to lift and move heavy items when I was at that stage.

I was told by the surgeon that once my wrist fused it would be much stronger and he was right. It self-fused in an almost straight line and I can move the wrist approx 45 degrees. It does not move very much side to side. It is not painful apart from odd occasions and nothing like it was before it fused.

I would see how the cortisone injection works - but that only works on the inflammation.I had one injection that helped me and then after that it was a bone problem and not an inflammation problem. The orthopedic surgeon would really be your best bet for advice on your own work situation and how strong the fused wrist would be. Good luck.


Hi Bigstu, I have had both wrists fused. I am very happy that I have minimal to no pain with my wrists now. It has affected every aspect of my life-for the better. I have an appt, but I will reply later with + & -'s.

Good luck,


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thanks for the replys,i am now thinking perhaps my wrist is possible self fusing as i have minimal movement in of the biggest problems have at the moment with this is driving my car (changing gear, as the gear change is too close to me)i prefer to drive my van.thanks again for your replys and have a good christmas.


Oh, I nearly forgot to reply with my experiences. Since I have had the wrist fusions, I find it difficult (or impossible) to chop food like a chef, lift heavy dishes, or carry grocery bags. One thing that has changed too, (indelicate as it is) is that I have had to change some bathroom habits and wipe differently now, as the fusion changes the angle a bit. Before my fusions-I had a hard time changing gears on my car too, so I learned to drive left handed. Then, when my car started needing repairs all of the time, I sold it and got an automatic.

I have fused fingers & thumbs too and so I have great difficulty opening jars/cans, opening/closing windows, and changing my bed sheets.

I am still so happy that I had my wrists & fingers fused as my pain has been greatly reduced and I can use my arms and hands again.

Hope you find some relief soon,



My left wrist has been completely fused and a titanium plate and screws have been added. I have severe Osteo Arthritis in this wrist. I had proximal row carpectomy less than 2 years ago and my wrist continued to deteriorate. I'm still healing. My surgery was last week (May 7th).


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