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Temporary Blip

Hello guys it's nice to be back after being sent to the punishment block. Firstly may I apologise to whoever took offence at my last blog. None was intended. I will try and do better in future but I never set out to deliberately offend or shock, only to see the lighter side of a sometimes very dark life. I have the greatest admiration for the sufferers of RA, many of whom are far worse off than myself and didn't get aggressive treatment in time. These wonderful people show huge fortitude and good humour in the face of enormous adversity. I would never mock them. Please remember though my thoughts and life experiences are mine and gallows humour is a valid weapon against grim reality.

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Is it the blog about your mother i thought it was funny,Just what i need at the moment. If you can come up with more stories so much the better. Sylvia. xx


I agree with Sylvi, you made me laugh. Keep them coming x


Thanks ladies, no it was a later blog, not one of my better attempts I admit, just airing my thoughts. I think they were misinterpreted and it was probably not very relevant to RA. I'm used to being admin of a very liberal group of RA sufferers where everything goes and we just have huge fun with the least amount of censorship. I don't think that is appropriate for NRAS which is something I'll have to adjust too. Having said that admin here have been very fair and I think we have a common understanding.



Glad your out of the punishment block!

Sometimes it helps to laugh at yourself and if you didn't laugh you'd cry

Loved the blog about your mother aswell

Look forward to reading future blogs

Take care



I enjoyed the one about your mother.. it was a bit nutty.. I dont any of us deliberately aim to upset xx


Well I enjoyed it - gallows humour is the only way sometimes:-}

Cece x


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