I need a transplant of ....... You choose

Hey all. I've had a down day today not in a psychological way but I have spent some time on a few times down on the floor today. Oops I did it again but not on the stairs this time. (Caused by blooming foot drop) I've struggled to see the bright amusing side of it all today so I think I need a humour transplant. Or even a foot transplant or just some lighthearted humour and support from my friends here on NRAS. Lol xx

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  • Transplant of : magic fairy dust to help your foot

    : of hugs that make u feel good

    : of tickles to make u laugh

    : of kisses from those u love

    : for a beautiful sunrise and sunset

    : for a good drug to ease your pain

    : and to know we are your friends

    ((( ))))

  • never gona be able to manage such a good reply x

  • Thanks xx

  • Allanah thank you that is way more than if expected but thank you. Tomorrow I will ensure I fulfil all of them. I think I've a little fairy dust left from the mobster eviction from my little girls under bed, the rest is simply the best

    Thanks Cara xxx

  • Well here goes nope not going to happen just to say hugs and hope thing improve xxx

  • That's fab thank you xxxx

  • I like it Allanah.............

    Hi Rarah,

    Did you look at that product I recommended, I have been wearing mine with good effect. My ankle is less painful and pointing in the right direction with the added support.

    Wiil look for the link again and forward it to you.

    Gentle hugs coming your way

    Hope you foot problem goes away

    Lets you dance you days away

    Not the trips and falls of today

    Happiness coming to stay


  • Hi carol. Thank you I have an ossi foot up which is ok but not brill I also have a shelf stock pre made AFO which is crappy as it rubs my ankle red raw I'm awaiting a custom moulded AFO which I am told will be good and help. I have nerve entrapment at the fibular head so hopefully it can be released ASAP. Which at least gets me towards recovery xxx


  • Good fairy here, u WILL be well ;)

  • That's good news then. Hope you get it done soon. :-)

  • Oh my darling friend what are we going to do with you,i think i am going to get you some bubble wrap or one of those big balls that you get inside and move about with so when you fall you will laugh instead of cry. Hugs my friend.xxxxxxx

  • I kept tripping over my foot after developing foot drop, but by the time I got to see the consultant, I had learnt to "step high" and put my foot down flat on the ground, not with my toes trailing down. I look a bit funny lurching around and my steps sound as if I'm slapping the foot down, but who cares.

    I was lucky to be able to work on the muscles higher up and get them to keep pulling up my toes - if they are affected as well, you are not so lucky.

    keep cheerful!

  •  I have foot drop too caused by nerves in my spine being trapped. It sarted out as sciatica. Having a spinal decompression operation in a couple of weeks don't know if it will help with foot drop. I get around the house by using my wheelchair, a lot more useful than a walking frame. I really embrassed my daughter in John Lewis last week by getting out of my wheelchair and pushing it round the shoe department. My daughter was in the changing rooms at the time when a couple of ladies came in laughing & saying they thought that only happened in Little Britain! My yougest grandson calls me Macka Packa, a character from The Night Garden, and nothing will make he go back to calling me Nan. As long as we can laugh at our selves we can get through anything..........well all most anything

  • did u use your fairy dust today?

  • I did.

  • I've not fallen xx

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