Feeling sideswiped!

Wow, saw my rheumy today as he wanted to go through the x-ray and ultra-sound which showed active synovitis in my left hand and osteo in right hip. He said he did not expect this to show the active ra which it does show, and coupled with the last blood results (low kidney function again of 33 and anaemic which is apparently caused by active ra) along with swelling etc he pronounced he wants me to go straight on to anti-tnf. Talk about being gob-smacked. I expected a tweek in the pills, but not this. I had sort of put biologics onto the back burner for a few years as I am only 2 years into diagnosed ra but he says we need to stop it getting away from us. He is going to discuss with the rheumy nurses as to which is the best drug and get back to me. I did not realise I was this bad and it has come as a real eye opener, and a scarey one at that. He says no point going down the sulpha, hydroxy etc route as I need anti-tnf now. I am actually quite scared that this stuff is going on in my body, and I thought that the aches and pains etc are just part and parcel. I also thought that it was like anti-biotics ie: take these pills for a week and you will be ok and good to go. Pah, got that one wrong. I know it sounds feeble but my head is all over the place. I know I am so very lucky that I am being treated.... but, gordon bennet, my initial reaction is to go to bed and disappear under the duvet. In a way I suppose I am pleased that I am being taken seriously but I did graciously refuse his offer of injecting steroids under ultra-sound into my left hand. They would have had to scrape me off the ceiling, assuming they could have caught me in the first place! I take my hat off to those of you that have had this done ... I am too much of a wuss! So, will spend this evening giving myself a good talking to and will emerge tomorrow as a normal person. Thanks so much for your support, this is a great site. I just wish I did not need it!! Sorry to sound so pathetic, but I had the future all worked out and it is happening too fast for me to take in, especially when I read the stories you have to tell. I am so lucky ... I think!

Hope you all have a good night's rest .. don't forget your meds!!


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  • PS: anyone know how to get rid of the smell of fox poo from a dog!!! Tilda, where are you!!


  • you have to wash the dog with a medicated dog wash

  • i use normal dog conditioner and flea shampoo seems to work

  • Wow Virge - that's a big 'un? Poor you but lucky you all in a oner I think. Poor you mostly because it's very scary to be told that this disease is categorically gnawing away at you but lucky you because you're going straight on anti-tnf - which are now thought safer than MTX and other DMARDs and are the most effective treatment available for RA without even needing all these awful assessments others go through. That is really great and I'm not skewed about this because I can't imagine remotely qualifying although my GP told the other GP that he thought I'd end up on them one day quite soon which shocked me too. I"m pretty sure I'm going to be told next time I see the rheumy (whenever that may be - ha polite ha) that I'm in remission now. It must be really strange being told that everything's clear as brass from X-ray and ultrasound though - but you've been in a lot of pain so I'm not really surprised. Hopefully the anti-tnf will work wonders for you though.

    Now look here - we don't have any foxes in Orkney but our little pup is ponging of old urine - my OH says it's like being at his work place on a bad day so she'll have to have a wee bath soon methinks. She's not grasping toileting too much and has just pooed under the tv! TTx

  • Gordon Bennett indeed! I can understand that it's come as a bit of a shock, but brilliant that your rheumy is so on the ball so hopefully you'll feel a bit more positive about it once you've had a bit of time to let it sink in? Could you try to think about it as him wanting to prevent bad things happening to you, rather than that your RA is really, really bad? As the comment about wanting to stop the RA getting away from you sounds as if he doesn't think it's way out of control yet, but just that it could be if don't act strongly? Polly

    Oh and I wash dog in water with a bit of baking powder in it when she's rolled in delicious (to her) squishy stuff.

  • 20 buckets of soapy water. It sure does the trick . Good luck with the Anti TNF's.

  • Good luck with the anti tnfs they should make a lot of difference x

  • Sounds like you've a very decisive rheumy who is taking you seriously. I've been on anti tnf for nearly ten years and they have helped enormously

  • Yep......that's a face plant for you. The flip side is, 5 years on (on anti-tnf) after many many drugs tried, I now wish they'd just gone straight in with anti-tnf form the start as the relief is amazing. Like you I have the same but can't take the steroids as have start of OA in hips.

    I HATE needles but I was amazed at how much it honestly didn't hurt in the hand and wrist. It was only the knee that hurt but that's coz they were drawing fluid off and therefore using a massive syringe.....if I could have I would have knocked him out lol. Totally understand this is frightening for you. But it sounds like you have an thorough consultant and that's the key. Never be afraid to ask him/her lots of questions and do research ( on web too ) but keep it to the UK sites as the US can be alarming at times, as some of them wear mirrored sunglasses on the inside!!! if you get me. You've found a very supportive site here, so roll with it and keep yu chin up chick xxx Big hugs, Tamsin

  • Not on any treatment yet and may be starting DMARDS after rheumy visit tomorrow and apprehensive about that but realistic enough to know that if that is what I need I have to accept it. Good that you got a forward thinking rheumy who takes things seriously and is considering what is the best treatment for you and taking steps to start you on it without all the prevarication many on here seem to experience. This condition tends to make us think we are better when we have an improvement in our abilities however what is going on under the surface is what needs treating and you seem to have the expert who realises that.

    take care crisxx

  • Good luck with the anti tnf. Please try not to worry - I've read research that using it early on can have really effective results, although I'm sure others on the site are better qualified to answer that one.

    As for the fox poo - I sympathise! Had two dogs covered in the awful smell at once a couple of years ago. Smell like nothing else on earth! I found using coal tar shampoo worked. Needed to wash a couple of days running but the strong smell help cancel out the awful pong.

  • Thank you all for replying and being so lovely. If I could put in a bottle how much of a morale boost you have given me and then sold it,I could earn a fortune! Enjoy your day - mine is going to involve a large jam doughnut! Xxx Virge

  • Hi, must have been a shock to hear, but agree it sounds good that your consultant is being proactive with treatment. Re the fox, don't have experience of foxes or dogs, but thought it might cheer you up to hear what my relatives in USA did when their cat was sprayed by a skunk. Apparently the choice over there is to use either tomato juice or peroxide. They went for the peroxide option and apparently had a very strange coloured cat for quite a while! Good luck. Caroline.

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