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Severe Disability Allowance is it being abolished

Is it right that Severe Disability Allowance is being abolished from next April. I have not seen any big announcement or condemnation but have read it on the internet .If I lose this it will be £200 per month that I need . But it with no warning well official or am i just reading something that not fact . We are being threatened enough as it is .

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That type of question is something that would be good to ask the disability advisor at the CAB. My understanding of all the DLA stuff is that it is being shifted over to the new system, but because of the huge numbers of folk involved they won't be touching existing folks benefits until they come up for renewal, and even then may not get around to reviewing them and putting you onto the new system at that point if its fairly soon. It definitely won't all change come april next year for anyone who is currently receiving DLA - they just don't have the staff to go through the huge number of reviews that will be required.

Yes, the whole DLA system is going to be totally changing and the criteria won't be at all the same as now, but again, if you talk to the CAB person, they may be able to let you know what the new criteria are and how its likely to affect you. I'm on high mobility and low care right now, but having had a look at the new system, I may end up being in the group who actually does better with being assessed in the new system, so its not necessarily going to be less money for everyone once they change.


I get high rate mobility and middle rate care , and as I get IB and live alone and now one claims Care allowance I get the Severe Disability Premium and I use it to pay for someone to come and help with my lunch and bit and pieces .and help me shower. Just I heard somewhere /or read it that the premium is being totally abolished as from April, .and if other things not sorted I lose £200 a month , and have had no notice and would have like to have tried to budget for it . Mind you at moment am having to use it to pay my rent increase as they are not going to review my new rent until march next year and although it is still under the LHA I will have to pay it myself toill then , so lost it really already . But the new policy is review it once a year regardless if it goes up, but wonder does that apply if it goes down (unlikely) . It all getting to stressful for me , its the wondering when that is getting to me. ...time will tell .


Hi Pottypam

As Earthwitch suggests, it's probably best to contact either your local CAB, DIAL (http://www.scope.org.uk/dial) or the Benefits Enquiry Line on: 0800 88 22 00 for some really specialist information on the changes to the benefits system that will be happening next year.

We have some information on the change from DLA to Personal Independence Payments (PIP) which you might find useful: nras.org.uk/about_rheumatoi...

But as it is such a complex area it would be worth contacting a specialist organisation.

Kind regards

Sarah Kate



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