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Should i still be flaring?

Been on 20mgs of leflunomide for 4 months now (after months on 10mgs) and wanted to know if its normal to still get flare ups?

My main flares used to be my hands and wrists and while these have calmed down ive found im flaring in other joints ie knees, shoulders, feet and today the top of my left hand (not joints) swelled right up!

Is it normal to still be flaring and in new joints and is it normal to flare on the top of my hand?

Many thanks.


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Sorry can't help you. I have been on Leflon for 5WEEKS. dual therapy methotrexate 20mg by injection.

My hands, feet, hips and ankles still painful. Despite bupomorpine patches and regular Co codamol. I also had a flare up of all joints last week.

This cold weather does not help.

Restricted to the house last week. Not been at work since January.

Sorry if this is not what you wanted to hear but I remain optimistic that medication with work soon.




Hello Josie and Carole

I'm sorry you are both struggling so much.

Josie, from my point of view one of the most frustrating things about the DMARDs is the length of time it can take to know if/how much they are going to help. But given that you have been on the higher dose of Lef for 4 months now, I think it might be worth asking your rheum team for advice.

In my experience flare ups can still happen, even when a drug is working, but if joints are permanently inflamed and you are finding that more joints are affected at the moment, it may be that the rheumatologist decides you need another dose increase (I don't know what the max Lef dose is) or another med alongside. You ask about flaring on the top of your hand. I get this too and I think it's part of the inflammation process.

I don't know how far you both are down the RA "road" and how many DMARDS you have tried so far, so apologies if I am telling you something you already know. But it can take a while to find the right meds and often a combination of meds is needed. But if Lef turns out not to be for you, please don't despair because there are many other meds out there to try.

Really hope you can get some advice soon Josie and that things start to improve for you.

Thinking of you both.

Tilly x


Three months should be enough time to see if things are going to work for you, so if you think you need better control, then I'd say try and get to see your rheumatologist as soon as possible and ask about adding in another DMARD. The whole idea of DMARDs is that they keep the disease under control, so if you are still getting flares then you obviously need something a bit more.


Thanks Earthwitch

Not sure if im flaring more because im full of cold! Im already on top dose of leflunomide so maybe i need something alongside of it.



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