Can I take a multivitamin containing Folic acid?

I take Folic acid 5mg once a week on the day after my methotrexate. I also have a vitamin b12 deficiency and I have found multivitamins containing vit B is cheaper than buying B complex on its own. The multivitamins contain Folic acid though and I was wondering if anyone knows if that's ok? I have just been not taking multivitamin on the day I take methotrexate or day after when I take Folic acid. Thanks

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Hi there. As far as I know MTX affects the amount of folic acid which is why you take some extra, and it also helps some side effects. However, I'd understood that folic acid also inhibits MTX so stops it working as well as it could - which is why you don't take too much folic acid. Everyone's different so for some the balance works at one tab of folic acid a day & for others one tab a week is enough - I guess that might also be because of different diets too as you get folic acid naturally from food too. I drink loads of pomegranite juice and eat loads of green veg so my levels are probably quite high anyway.

However I think it may be quite a delicate balance so I wouldn't add in much more folic acid without asking your doc.


Hi, if you have been diagnosed with a Vit B12 deficiency you should be on 3 monthly injections of Vit B12. It is apparently quite common so rather than taking B vitamins over the counter, speak to your GP/Practice Nurse.

I take folic every day except MTX day and also take a multi vit tablet (when I remember to do so).

I suggest you speak to your Doctor about taking extra folic acid in vitamin pills. So many things interact with MTX, it is better to be on the safe side.



Hi. My GP put me on a trial of oral supplements which turned out to be adequate to bring my B12 level up so I have to continue oral supplements rather than having injections.



I would check it out before taking them just in case

Do you have a number for your rhuemy nurse?

Let us know how you get on



check with rheum team.. my personal advice is just dont take the multivitamin on the methotrexate day..


I spoke to pharamcist when I was picking up my latest methotrexate prescription and he agreed with what I was already doing which is to miss the multivitamin on the day I take methotrexate.


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