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New doctor

I have just been to the hospital for my ra checkup and I finally have a new doctor, my last one retired before xmas. He checked all my joints and asked questions that I have never been asked before. He injected my very swollen finger joint and has taken me off Hurmira and all the other drugs while he waits for results from xrays and blood tests. He then hopes to put me on another drug which I have never heard off. I have tried four different drmads before the Hurmira. But the best bit is he listened to me :) I even took my husband this time for backup but I didn't need to. After more than four years of going to the hospital it feels so good to meet a doctor who made me feel that he really cares about me and my diagnosis. So I just wanted all the other people who have had a rotten time at the hospital to keep your hopes up there are some nice doctors it just a matter of finding them

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Ozzy,some of us do get good treatment don't we. I can ring my rheumy nurse anytime i lie when she is in work,which is a benefit for me as it can save me a trip down the hospital. A lot of my problems now is fibro and boy does it hurt.

I am pleased thinds are going well for you. Love sylvi.xx


Thanks hopefully it won't take long for the results to come back. Went to see will young in cabaret on Wednesday which was brilliant, but could not get a seat on train home so paying for it now :( but he was worth it.


is the new treatment ... Golimumab (Simponi)? ..


No I don't think so, I did say to the doc that I hadnt heard of the drug he mentioned and all he said was he wasn't surprised. I did look on nras but nothing shook my memory. I will post when I know I hope it will not be to long, a week or so for results to come back.


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