2.30 am

Here i am sitting downstairs again as i can't sleep. Reading your blogs hoping it will help me settle down. I'm not sure why i can't sleep, it might be because i'm going to a wedding on saturday and i am getting stressed about what to wear, not that anyone else will worry as long as i'm there. I can't think ofd any other reason.

I think i have done all i need to for the form from the dwp, same old rigmarole,another stresser, not that it will keep me awake. Never mind,about this wedding. It's my cousins son who getting married in cambridge on saturday at 10.00, so we are going down on friday as i don't want to be rushing around at silly o'clock to get ready and drive down there. I haven't been to cambridge in years and not sure where we are going, so i thought if we went down friday we can follow my cousin into cambridge. I don't know whether to wear a dress or trousers,silly ain't i, not sure what the weather is going to be like,thats the reason for my worrying i think. I've put together 2 outfits that i think i will wear and i suppose we'll just have to wait and see come saturday.

Well my friends thats my little moan for the time being.

Sylvia. xx

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hello sylvia

I am rattling around here as well its 5.30 now so i hope you got back to sleep. Cambridge is so lovely - i havent been there for years. good idea to get two outfits ready so you won't be panicing at the last minute if the weather decides to change


Hi Sylvi, hope the wedding goes well on Saturday. I think you are wise to take two outfits with you and then guage the weather when you get there. The Forecast for East Anglia is cloudy, some rain and sunshine and temps of about 17 degrees. So could be a bit muggy as well. But at least you will be prepared.

I am glad I am not the only one awake at 5 a.m. although at present it is the wretched tooth causing the problems. I do manage to get back to sleep after a bit of tossing and turning and trying to find somewhere comfortable and cool.

Have you been in extra pain at all? That can affect your sleep patterns. RA is the worst for bad sleep as it is so painful to move in bed and that wakes you up as well. My GP did give me something to help but it knocked me out for 27 hours so haven't touched it since!

Might be worth taking a pain killer before you go to bed and see if that helps?

lavendarLady x


Hi ladies, Yes i went back to bed after hubby left,got some sleep but it was full of weird dreams. I have been over to bedworth as i needed nthings for the weekend,also thought if i got out it would help. Got what i needed,but still feel fit to cry with everthing my body is doing to me. I won't give up,but this is a pity day. I might even go back to bed.

I'll rest for a little while then i must get my stuff ready for the weekend.



Hi sylvi,

i know you areprob worrying about things for this weekend as we almost want to dress so no one will know what we are going thru - if that makes any sense!

i mean if we dress as we used to dress then people wont know what pain we are in andthat we are about to burst into tears ! ! but keeptelling yourself today and tommorrow that you have done brilliantly to get yourself together and ready for the weekend and try and enjoy it - just think you are having a rest as some food is being done for you and treat it as a treat - you deserve it!

let us know how your weekend went and if you weaken at any time think of all of us behind you x x x x


Hi beachbabe, your words are spot on,i try and put a mask on when i'm out so as you say noone knows the pain we're going through. The food thing is a bit different as its a russian wedding, so we are to bring food to the party. I've got a load of crisps as we have a way to go to get there as we are in the midlands. I've got drs app at 8.30 tomorrow and hospital at 11.00 and then we should be off.

I'm taking my laptop so i will let you all know how it goes. Thank you for your kind words you all know how each of us feel, that makes all the difference i can tell you.

Sylvia. xxx


Hi Sylvi, a Russian wedding, how exciting. I expect there will be some lovely food, music and dancing as well.

I have been to Greek weddings which seem to go on for hours and hours and had a great time smashing plates and things. We also pinned money onto the bride's gown which is supposed to help them start their married life.

The one we went to in Cyprus, the groom was so nervous he fainted in the church and they had to call out the paramedics!

have a great time. I am sureyou will look lovely whatever you wear. LavendarLady x


Thanks, at the moment we're just hoping the car will hold up as there is a problem with the turbo. Got the hospital at 11.00 then all being well we will be on our way.



hope you got there safely xx

with the chosen outfit x


Quick reply,got there and back safely,got outfit a bit of a suntan.will write more later.

Sylvia. xx


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