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I need some advice please.


I have had RA for 18 yrs, bilateral knee replacement, both done at same time, . and my rt. hip needs replacing. I have severe ulnar deviation in my left hand and my rt. is damaged partly through botched surgery, twice, and now my hand is not much more than a claw. I can only open fingers about 1" from palm and poor pinch grip. I can barely reach to my feet.

I am having exteme difficuly getting socks on and tights are impossible. My OT is very kind but cannot resolve my problem.

I was given a plastic device which you squeeze to-gether and put the sock over and then pull on the strings. The problem is that socks pull the plastic sides too close together so can't get foot in. Tight sare even a worse problem as I cannot grip the tops to pull up. Stockings act the same way on the plastic gadeget, so I spend a lot of time with cold legs.

Footless leggings I can get on but a nightmare to get off, have gone to bed in them on more than one occasion cos. of that

As anyone else had this problem and managed to resolve it if so how? .


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Hi I have Ankylosing Spondylitis and have problems bending, moving hips and lifting my legs. I used to wear tights all the time but over the years problems bending or pulling my legs up has become impossible, now I just wear trousers or jeans most of the time with a pair of lined boots and dresses/sandals in summer.

You could contact your local social services and request a home carer comes in morning and evenings to help you dress and undress.

Also, there was a guy on here asking if people have any ideas for designing aids to help people with arthritis, it might be worth finding his question and ask if he knows of anything.

Beth x

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Hi Beth, am looking for the guy you mentioned but no luck so far will percevere.

Couldn't hack social services, I am too much a free spirit, I don't mean I am here there and everywhere, but i would be on tenterhooks all the time wondering if and when thry are coming. plus the cost just to help me with my sock would be inordinate. I will become a barefoot . :-)

I don't have this problem, but wonder whether a slightly different type of sock aid might be better for you? Or much looser socks that are held up with a garter, so slip on & off more easily once garter released.

The disabled living foundation also has an advice sheet that might give you some ideas.


Just seen these on the internet. I don't have any experience if them but they look good.



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I just checked this out, that thing looks very useable! Pretty cool!

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Hi Loret, how are you now after your op? Nice to see you posting again..

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Hi sis, thanks for asking. I'm plodding along, managing what I need to, wrist is still tremendously sore if I accidentally turn it just micrometers! in the process of doing something. But, my Physio in OT is pleased with the finger function, it is getting close to being able to straighten them. Next Monday starts the process of bending the wrist. That might be a challange! SA good sized portion of the ulnar was removed, along with 3-4 round disc shaped bones at the wrist joint, to allow for room to move. We'll see.

I sure hope you can get relief for yours, it is very difficult to get dressed with one hand. Gladly welcome sandal weather!

Are you able to wal;k OK now, after your new knees, despite the hip problem?

I normally use a walker and am having trouble managing walking around the house, usually steering with my forarms, but the right one isn't too keen on that right now!

All the best , Loretxx

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helixhelix and bpeal1 Thank you both am following up both the garter socks and web sites.

I find that walking socks with loose tops don't pull the sides of the sock aid together in the same way - and men's sizes so that they are broader.

Hope that helps.

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Ta, we have a, go outdoors, with easy parking so will check walking socks. k

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