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Oooooo ww

just back from tourist trip to London.

We stayed at Covent Garden and went to see Cabaret, Will Young was outstanding, better than any one I have ever seen in a musical, wow. The fashion designer Valentino and the model Tamara Beckwith was there and my daughter is such a fan and would loved to say hello, any they were whisked off but when we went out, I wait till the queues have gone and they were just standing there and we got to talk about the show and Tamara is the loveliest genuine girl, we got talking about her coat it was gorgeous!!!!

Then we went to the opera house, Madame taussauds the London eye , blood brothers, which were all great. I did have a wheelchair for some of theses and the crutches for others and I can genuinely say its the hardest thing we ever did getting around London as a person withnRA. I am so pained and my daughter was tired pushing around crowds especially in Madam Tussaud's, the crowd were totally unhelpful and kept bashing into me.

So resting to day and thinking of you all although a bit sore to talk to much. Love A xx

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You take it easy today Allanah, and i quite agree about going round london. When we went to the royal albert hall,we got a taxi from the station to the hall as we couldn't access the underground. The people at the hall were brilliant with me,but like you say people don't care just because your in a chair. It was a nightmare for us when we came out,people were too lazy to walk down and they used the lifts so people like me had to wait to get in as they were so crowded. Also they didn't like it when we got in as we take up so much space,they think they have more right than us don't they. I dread going to london i really do as it is so fast and heartless.

Hope that you will enjoy the after affects of having a lovely weekend. Just remember about these heartless people god doesn't pay his debts in money. Love sylvi.xx


Hi Allanah,

Glad you had a great time. I love Coventry garden.

I watched Will Young on tv he was so excited about cabaret. Sounds like you loved it.

I also love the theatre, I have seen blood brother in London when Linda Nolan starred in it. I also saw the Lion King the costumes were out of this world.

I travelled with my daughter to Cardigan bay on Thurs till sat. I was wiped out all day Sunday, spending most of the day in bed.

Well if that's the price you pay for some be it. But I ain't gonna give up the Fun..... I love life but hate it will need to know it's place in the pecking order......

Rest well and glad you are back in one piece.

Well done to your daughter too. Pushing a chair is difficult business. Especially in London.

Nice to see you back



Thanks ladies, I felt very guilty asking my daughter to push and she kept on hitting people's ankles by mistake then I got cross then I felt awful for being cross.

But I don't just want to do nothing, I want to keep going and don't want to miss out on life.

But next week we are all going, including the boys and girlfriends to Watford for the Harry Potter studios for Halloween, I am now a bit more anxious than I have ever been, I don't normally even think about going places but now I'm planning routes, wheelchair or steps free access and it rather complicates things,!

I saw Lind do blood brothers too,she was terrific, I thought he was really crying and didn't realise sh was acting only! I wanted little ub to see it before it closes as it is such a good drama and so witty too.

Ok gonna try and make some tea and recuperate before next jaunt out , don't know why I am complaining , I am SO lucky. a xx


Hi Allanah,

I'm going to be staying with my sister near Watford soon (I Hope) and has contemplated a trip to London for old times sake.

I may have to rethink it until I'm a bit more mobile - I've also tried planning routes, searching for shopmobility etc in Central London - impossible!!!


Ye cost me a small fortune in taxis! And Watford next weekend, but nothing after that till I get over the op! a xx


Hi allanah,having lived in london most of my life I hadnt really noticed how rushed busy & unfriendy it is until a couple of xmas's ago when I took 3 of my late sisters very young grandchildren into town to see The Snowman & people just didnt care,they just kept pushing into us,it was quite frightening,I was worried that I would lose the children.Im living in suffolk at the moment & although people are much more friendly & its a much slower pace of life I miss the hustle n bustle of london & love going to the shows. It sounds like you had a fantastic time & quite an acheivement for you,you must feel very proud of yourself. I saw barbra dixon in blood bros,way back. Enjoy watford x


Thanks, usually i'm not too bad as i lived in glasgow but this time with the chair and sticks was hard but resting now in time to enjoy harry potter next week, wot a life eh!! Axx


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