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One hell of a weekend and I need to get this off my chest.

Hi all, I don't usually blog but I've got to get all this off my chest.

I've not had a good Christmas, I fell the week before and ended up with a black eye, cut and bruised face and very sore knees/arms and all the stress caused a flair up and I was in to much whole body pain to enjoy the festive season.

My doctor referred me to the coronary rapid access unit at the hospital because of chest pains, very high BP and rapid heart rate all of which are already medicated (I've had these for some time and had an idea I was suffering from Tachycardia anyway) my appointment was on the 30th.

I arrived for my appointment I was sent for an ECG, she barely got the patches on me and said "that's it done" I'd only been attached to the machine 30 seconds so I knew there was something wrong, an ECG usually takes 5 minutes. When I saw the doctor he confirmed my fears I was suffering from Tachycardia and there was an enlarged area in my heart. He's referred me for a Myocardial Perfusion Scan, where they inject a radioactive substance and scan the heart.

When I got home I was still in shock sitting quietly having a cup of tea, then my phone rang. It was my son telling me to get to my daughter Lynne's a.s.a.p, there were armed police and dogs everywhere and in her house. I was out the house like a shot and drove like an idiot, nearly crashing into the police car blocking the road. I've never seen anything like it, police cars everywhere, armed police standing at the gate and front door. Because the house was empty they'd broke the door down, my grandaughter (14) was screaming hysterically with my daughter and son trying to comfort her. I burst past a police woman and was then stopped by an armed policeman, I told him it was my daughters house and I was going into the house and demanded to know why they were there.

When we saw the front door all smashed in and the mess both me and my grandaughter and my other daughter burst into tears.

The officer in charge told me they had a warrant and were searching for FIREARMS and evidence of ARMED ROBBERY! At that I screamed at him "the only thing my daughter was guilty of was working to bloody hard and why hadn't they just picked her up at work and she would have given them the key and let them in".

He shrugged his shoulders saying he didn't want us in the house until the armed officers finished their search "for our own safety". At this point I suddenly realised these were real guns they were carrying and holding us (my darling grandaughter and another daughter) back with. Then my other daughter (whose home it was arrived, saying she was hysterical would be an understatement, her and my grandaughter stood clinging onto each other sobbing into each others shoulder. It was a pittyfull sight to see and still brings tears to my eyes now.

Anyway getting back to the point, they agreed they had made a terrible MISTAKE but that didn't ease our pain and emotional trauma, even the poor little dog was in a state of shock.

Off they went, leaving us to clean up the mess and arrange for her front door to be made secure, at our cost! (Friday evening, bank holiday weekend, the local team playing football) you can imagine the cost getting someone out at that time of night.

I then realised my pain was back and boy did it hurt, but my babies were hurting emotionally, we were all completely traumatised by the events, I kept telling myself "I couldn't tell them I was having chest pain and I had to stay strong for them". Also we were all so cold we were sitting with quilts and blankets wrapped around us, my body was beginning to seize up.

Anyway the door was made safe later that evening and my son agreed to stay at the house until we could get a new door arranged (no idea when that would be with a long bank holiday weekend).

When I got home I went into a neighbours to tell her about the events (I needed someone for me now). She gave me a cuddle and a very large vodka and coke then another and another 3 in total, I don't normally drink but boy did it feel good to be a little tipsy, plus it knocked me out for the night so I managed some sleep.

I woke with terrible chest pains and had to spend the day running around with my daughter, we had to go to the local police station and try to get some answers so we could understand why this had happened.

We then had to call into Lynne's workplace and say a massive thank you to the staff there, get a bottle of JD's to say thank you to the guy who was called into work to cover and lock up for her, also flowers for the girl who stayed at work and kept the safe keys safe after Lynne dashed home. The girl also agreed to go into work at 6am to cover my daughters shift.

My chest pains continued all day, plus I was so tired I didn't have the energy to go out for New Years Eve, I spent the evening keeping an eye on my BP and heart rate terrified it would get to the point I'd have to call an ambulance. I didn't need to and went to bed around 11, I just thought to hell with it, I'd see the new year next morning.

New year's day I thought I had to take my dogs out there's a park across the road and they could have a good run around (poor things hadn't had a walk/run all weekend)

After our walk, I spent New Years Day checking my BP and heart rate, resting with my feet up and cuddling my 2 fabulous Cocker Spaniels who are so loving, they must have sensed something was wrong and kept trying to cuddle up and lick my hands.

My daughter and grandaughter are ok and slowly trying to get back to normal and getting used to using the back door to get in and out of the house.

I know in the months to come we will be laughing about all this, at the minute it's still very raw, we are all emotional and tearful. Also, worried about the cost of a new front door and of course my health.

Thanks for listening (reading) lol, I'm sorry to go on but I really needed to get this off my chest.

Beth xxx

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Beth, that is horrendous, I am speechless at the pain you have all been through. I hope that it becomes a memory quickly and i hope that your bp and heart rate settle a little.


Thank you so much Mads, it was all surreal we still can't believe what's happened. xx


I cannot imagine what you have been through, sending you and your family hugs and a better rest of 2012


Beth,you are one couragious lady considering your so ill yourself. I thought i had a hard time with my chest infection/pneumonia over the xmas period. You've it had three times over. Now it is starting to get sorted out you must now get back to the hospital and get your heart sorted out. You must now rest and recouperate and get well to support your family.

Don't forget your health now,what would your family do without you. You care my friend.



Thank you so much for the kind comments, I'm waiting for the appointment for my heart scan so in the mean time resting, feet up cuddling my 2 dogs, (though I have just mopped the kitchen floor and hoovered).

I keep telling myself the house can wait, it'll be here long after I'm gone, but doing something stops me sitting feeling sorry for myself. lol xxx


My mum always said the cleaning will be there long after your dead,so beth let it go and do it when you have sorted your health out. I have had to let it go with the house despite finding it hard. Like your family mine would sooner have me around and happy than stressing about the cleaning.



Yeah I always say that to my friends too, Sylvi I know your right. I'm so stubbornly independent I try to do everything myself including being there for others. This time I'll take your advice and let them know I need them to be here for me, at least for the time being.

I hope your feeling better very soon too, it's been a hell of an end to 2011 for us. lol xxx


Oh my goodness what an appalling few days you've had?! It's unbelievable that the police don't have to pay for their mistakes isn't it? Poor you and the rest of your brood - how traumatic. But now it's all over I think everyone is right and you should give yourself a complete break, feel as sorry for yourself as you like and pamper by resting and spoiling yourself rotten. Best of luck with the heat scan - maybe your heart had second sight and knew something traumatic was about to happen? Certainly just phone emergency services if you are fearful - that's what they are there for! Please take care. Tilda xx


Thanks Tilda, apparently we have to write to the Chief inspector, detailing events and damage. He then makes the decision as to whether or not we can have a compensation claim form.

If we can, we have to repair the damage and send the form in with receipts/invoices, but we still have to find the money to lay out in the mean time and just after the most expensive time of year.

We'll get there eventually and I know I have to rest and take care of my health in the meantime. xxx


I know that with me stress and worry are the worst things for triggering pain because they keep me awake and make my blood pressure go up. It's all happened now so please try and look after no.1 and be good to yourself. You won't help your children and granddaughter if you are laid up in hospital or worse so focus and read a good book and be gentle to yourself for now - and that does NOTinclude doing housework I'm sure?! TTx


Tell me about it and it hasn't ended yet for me. Will blog when i know more.

Love Sylvi.xx


how awful for all of you. you absolutely will be compensated but as you say you have to pay out in the first instance. unfortunately this kind of thing is not as uncommon as you may think. i hope you and your family are able to recover quickly from this outrageous debacle!!! when you fill in your expenses form dont forget to add how much you all have suffered emotionally as well as physically including the family pet. Do not let them talk you down. they made a huge mistake and they must put it right. i hope you are now taking things more easy and please keep an eye on your health. take good care of yourself and good luck. xxxxxxx


Beth, what's worrying me is your health. Do be carefull. You need to be on an even keel for your heart problem, not coping with all these dreadful things and then going flat out. There needs to be more and more of you being calm and relaxed.

You've had a terrible amount to cope with, you always sound so sensible and in control, so you may be feeling extra stressed. I hope you can get to see specialists about your heart problem sooner rather than later.

Hope to hear that the crisis has passed - as Tilda says, the police should be more accountable.

Big hugs, Cathie


Thanks Cathie, I'm a bit of a control freak and I diffidently had no control over events of the weekend, so that probably set my Tachycardia off.

I have seen a cardiologist and now waiting for an appointment for a Myocardial scan, he did say it could be up to 2 weeks wait though. We are all trying to put it behind us and having a peaceful rest day today. In fact so restful I'm not even dressed, keeping the PJ's on today. lol

Many thanks for the kind words.

Beth xxx


My God Beth, I can't believe all that has happened to you over the last couple of weeks. What a traumatic time. I also had a fall the week before Xmas (but nowhere near as bad as yours) which also triggered off an RA flare up.

I am appalled at the attitude of the police - as a lawyer I can only advise you to make a formal written complaint to the Chief Superintendent in charge of your local division, with a copy to the Chief Constable. Enclose with the complaint, a copy of the bill for the repair of the door and ask for their proposals for compensating you within the next 14 days. Also ask for an explanation of their actions and why they targetted your daughter's address.

It sounds to me as if they had a "tip off" that guns were hidden in the house and stormed in without doing any prior checks with the householders. The police sometimes are in a difficult position in that sort of situation but I do think you need a proper apology and an explanation.

If no compensation forthcoming, threaten to sue the Chief Constable - that usually works. You can issue proceedings through the Small Claims Court. And get your local press involved as well - injustice to law abiding citizens etc - the press love anything like that.

Anyway, look after yourself, keep warm and I hope the chest pains and everything else begin to settle down. I have angina so I know how frightening chest pains can be. Anything else can wait until you feel more yourself.

Best wishes and big hugs. LavendarLady x


Thank you so much LL, that will be so helpful as we are at a loss as to how to find out any information. The DI who got the warrant won't give us any information other than to say it was justified. The police did say at the time it was information they'd got that day, there have been a few armed robberies in the area lately and security guards hurt and firearms have been involved so I do fully understand why they acted so harshly.

What we don't/can't understand is they'd got the address from the taxi firm my daughter used to get home after a Christmas night birthday party at her Aunts (her house was also raided within 5 minutes of each others).

But my daughter and grandaughter live alone (always have), she works hard, is a supermarket manager so it's a responsible position and a key holder for the safe with thousands of pounds in.

She has great neighbours and everyone respects how hard she's worked to buy her own home. Neither homes have had any involvement with the police EVER. If they'd bothered to do some sort of background checks first this should never have happened.

Thanks again for the advice, that's exactly what I'm going to do, but not today.

Beth xxx


Thank you all so much for all the kind words and well wishes. I will be taking the advice and resting for the next week. xxx


Hi Beth

I can't believe they made such an awful mistake so near to christmas. They must pay for the damage and compensate your daughter for the emotional upset caused. If necessary take them to small claims.

I am so sorry to hear that you are so sick at moment. I hope they can sort the tachycardia out asap, so you at least get relief from the chest pains.

Try and rest as much as you can (I know that is easily said then done, but do try)!

Hope 2012 has a better start for you,

Take it easy

Sci x


What a terrible experience for you.. hope you get compensation sorted and that they sort your heart problem asap , take care

Alison x


Hi Beth,

Just reading your blog, that has been a terrible experience for you all, I just hope 2012 will go well for you and your family. LL advise sounds the way to go.

I hope your heart scan results are good and tachacardia resolves.

Regards, Gina.


...words are not enough for what you have been through, I honestly don't know how you are managing. LL has given some great advice, so do follow it. I know you are thinking of your family first but I really do think you should tell them how you are really feeling (re chest pains) Keep us all updated on appointments and take care. Love mel


That is just unimaginable!!Beth, I am feeling furious for you. I don't get these posts until a half day or full day after everyone else does, since I am on the US side of the big pond.

There are more series of events for you that day than script writers put into TV Crime shows.

I totally concur with all others here, especially Lavendar lady's advice. Of course the police's initial response is it's your expense. By no means let them pull that off! It's just disgusting they offered no help to you, most people do not have all that extra money laying around at Christmas time to have to go buy a new door, and have it installed. I know I couldn't!

BUT! For your own health's sake, try not to carry all this worry and concern alone. It does help to share it all, right here.

Prayers for you dear lady. Just please be OK. Love and hugs, Loret


Oh My Beth!!! I cant believe this happened. I am upset for you and your family. I pray that soon you will have your test, maybe they will have a cancel appt that you can take. Bless you Beth. I agree with the other posts. Do not let the police get away with this. I would sugest that you take pictures just incase you have to pursue this further. Take care of yourself girlfriend. I am sending you gentle hugs!

XXOO Linda


Thank you everyone for your kind words, emotional support and advice. I know you all have your own problems.

This morning when typing I felt like I had the world on my shoulders and very tearful. This evening with the support from you wonderful ladies I'm feeling so much better and hopeful of a positive outcome for my daughter and of course my tests.

I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have somewhere I could offload without worry of being judged, I've been given wonderful support and great advice from all of you, especially Lavender Lady (which I will be taking).

Many many thanks to all of you, words are not enough to express my gratitude for the emotional/practical support given to me today.

I wish you all a wonderfully happy, pain free 2012.

Love and gentle hugs to all.

Beth xxxxx


Hello Beth

I've just plugged myself in after a day away to read your awful experience. You poor thing, and your family too. I'm surprised that you're already feeling a bit better - you must be a very strong person.

Others have suggested good things about getting proper compensation for all this. The only thing I'd add is do try to get recompense, and even threaten to sue - but also be mindful of your health. For some people it does help to follow the process through, but for others it can be very stressful to keep fighting for your rights. So if it works better for you to put it all behind you, then do focus on the fact that thankfully none of your family were hurt. Money's important, but it's not worth making yourself sick over.

I do hope that the rest of the year is good to you. Polly


Beth, just had a sudden thought. Was anyone shown the Warrant the police had? If not, they should have done. There is a requirement to show the warrant to a householder before carrying out any search just so the householder knows the warrant is legal.

It would have been obtained from a Magistrate who would have had to be satisfied the police had grounds for asking for it - hence my comment they probably had a tip off from an informant - the police would tell the magistrate the informant was reliable and they had used him before. (I bet they don't use him again!). You would not be entitled to know who the informant was as that information is effectively classified but they should have shown your daughter the warrant.

Yet something else to add to the complaint. The complaint must be made by your daughter whose house it was but no reason why everyone else shouldn't make a complaint as well about the way things were done and you were treated. Compensation for trauma springs to mind as well.

Hope you are feeling better. Any help I can give, just send me a message. LavendarLady x


Thanks LL, at the time the house was empty so they went through a neighbours house to secure the back door then broke down the front door to gain entry. Luckily my daughter was at work and grandaughter was at a friends.

My son got a text from a friend who lives in the street so he went dashing down to check it was her house, he then rang me. Someone else rang my grandaughter and she came dashing home.

We have found out since the police went into the taxi office and asked who had got a taxi from another street late Christmas night (my ex sister in laws home, having a birthday party) and where did it drop off, the taxi firm didn't have the full address so they spoke to the driver to find out which house she dropped off at.

We know the taxi firm is owned by a family of villains so we're now wondering if they've deliberately gave the police wrong/misleading information.

Thank you for all your advice it is a great help.

Beth xx


Oh and yes they did have a warrant signed by a magistrate at 4.45, they executed it at 5.25, it said to enter and search for Firearms and evidence of robbery.


It certainly sounds as if the taxi firm is in it up to its neck. Deflects suspicion from them by giving false information. The terms of the warrant suggest a tip off. LL x


Haven't been on line for a while, but hope things are better for you now. What a brave lady you are, I hope 2012 brings you good health x


You wouldn't believe it if it was a storyline on Eastenders...

Dang - I hope you get paid for the door and your trauma


Hi all, an update for you then I close the chapter on this terrible episode in our lives. Firstly, once again thank you for all the support and advice given.

I've received my appointment for a Myocardial Perfusion Scan it's the 23rd Jan so fingers crossed for that.

My daughter and I drafted a letter of complaint and claim for compensation, sent it to the Chief Constable, so there will be an investigation into how this happened. Also, hopefully prevent such a thing happening to innocent members of the public in the future.

My daughter received a telephone call from the DI whose name was on the warrant, he apologised for all the upset and distress this action caused, assured her it would 'Probably' not happen again but, he was unable to say definitely. Also, he promised he would chase up the letter of complaint and personally push through our application for compensation so she can get a new front door fitted as soon as possible.

We've had a builder in to quote for the work, once the quote is approved by the police work will begin (and it is for the best door and accessories he can find).

It's been a terrible traumatic start to the year, we wish to put behind us. I'm still pretty much housebound waiting for my health to improve. My daughter is fearful every day when she goes to/comes home from work, my son is staying with her and will be until she feels comfortable enough to stay on her own.

My beautiful grandaughter (14 is still afraid to stay in on her own and refuses to come home from school to an empty house) another reason my son is staying there.

I know we will get there eventually but for now we need to put all this behind us and get on with our lives as best we can.

Thank you for the support offered and advice freely given, you are wonderful caring people, without this forum to get things off my chest I think I would have completely cracked up.

Have a wonderful, happy, pain free 2012.

Beth xxxxxx


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