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I can't win

Here we are one week after a heatwave. I suffered with the heat and now i'm suffering from the cold. My problem is i don't know which is causing my problem ra or fibro. I tried to ring my ra nurse yesterday but the lucky thing was on holiday and won't be back until the 10th. So i will ring her when she gets back.

My laptop is a lifeline, it gives me contact to a wider world when i can't get out. I don't think i'm going very far today as i've had another poor night. My fingers are swollen and painful, my knee is not much better. When i get out it makes me feel brighter and i try to get out most days even if its only going up the village i'll always see someone.

My hubby has put the heating on today as i was so cold. Who would believe that one weekend we would be wearing swimwear and the next winter woolies.

Well i will write off now and go and get dressed.


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Hope you are feeling.. better my hands are bad too ! x


Morning summer,its ten to five and i've been downstairs since 3.30am. I am very hot and my hands ache, just feel rubbish at the moment.It seems i'm not alone,i will ring my nurse when i do get up.The weather is playing a big part in how i feel,one day its freezing cold the next its hot. My poor old bones don't know where they are. Will go back to bed and try to get some sleep. Hope your ok.

sylvia. xx


Dear sylvi

you are the very first person that i have sent a message too! Lets see how it goes- i like you am feeling crap, the pain is very bad. Last night went to bed crying thinking that my husband may be better off with a new wife because he has a decrepid 40 year old wife.

You take care, and its nice to know we are not alone!



Oh Missy, i know exactly what your saying,it doesn't matter what we do, we're still in pain. I'm sure your husband would disagree with what your thinking, i know mine does. I got a good telling off from him this morning for stripping the bed and hoovering the mattress and making it again, he is right sadly. I try to do what i can to help,but i still suffer. After that i went to bedworth to make a gps appt. and pick up a prescription, also wanted to see my optician,but he was not in today. It was so windy going over there it has buggered me up for the rest of the day.

I spoke to my ra nurse this morning and she has told me to rest and see my gp, she can't say if its my ra or my fibro. She told me to up my steroids for three days and see how i go............

Now young lady lets try and make your life sweeter. 1, its not your fault that you have this disease so don't forget it. 2, your husband still loves you even if you think that he would be better off without you. 3, I am certain he wouldn't want you any other way,maybe a bit less pain. 4, make sure you tell him how your feeling and see what his reaction is and i'm sure that he will tell you that he wouldn't do without you by his side. My husbands words said to me when i've been where you are.5, i'm not too religious, but i beleive that god only gives us what he thinks we can cope with, i must admit some days i wonder how i get through the day.

We are the strong ones and remember that missy, anyone less stronger than us wouldn't cope. All we can do is to sit and rest and look gorgeous, with me thats a little hard.

Just remember we must not let the b"""""d beat us.

Sylvia. xx


dear Sylvia

what an encouraging note the above was. Tried to print it out but the printer wouldn't work. Claims there is a paper jam- however there is no paper in the dam thing!

My husband says much the same as yours, which is literally a God send. talking of God I hold the same sentiments as you. He must indeed see strength that we don't feel. Especially when we have just dropped something else!

Aren't you good vacuuming the bed etc, hey, its not Springtime yet. Is it a delayed spring clean, or , doing next years whilst you can?

Take care & thanks

Missy x


what a lovely answer sylvi xx

For Missy xx

I am v hot today.. had my flu jab fri, but cant be that as it is meant to be a inactive form of the virus?.. xx


Thank you summer,i wish i remember to take my own advice sometimes.xx


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