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Time to get on :) (Post Cimzia injection fear)

HI all

Well, when the nurse arrived last week to help me with the dastardly deed I was 'well nervous' and ready to chat around the houses to postpone the moment! But when it came down to it I found it fascinating to watch myself holding this syringe with half of my mind asking me what the hell I was doing and the other half urging me to get on with it. So - one in the belly and one in the thigh, the belly actually hardly hurt at all (thanks to all of the advice garnered from this site) but the thigh did - obviously not as much fat as I often lead myself to believe :)

10 days later and I am not using my stick so much, more like carrying it in case. I am also walking/standing straighter, although the pain and aches have not gone yet - in fact ache more as moving the muscles more. But it feels soooo good to know that this b@$£*&d disease is at bay again - and that there are so many biologics out there.

So off for a walk now - in the rain. So glad to be English (as in so used to the rain that I am well equipped in outdoor gear), going to the post office and then maybe to check out the new Ice Kreme Parlour in town (a terrible job but someone has to do it).

Wishing everyone the best day possible, there is always some Light - even the tiniest speck - that when focused on can grow to become Hope :)

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So brave..... See my post above! Not sure I'd describe it as fascinating... But great that it seems to be making a difference already. Polly



Glad your seeing the benefits. I actually think cimzia is better to do then mtx, as it does not have the sting afterward like mtx. You should continue to see improvement in the first month and your energy levels - well all I am gonna say is watch out!

Hope you continue to see good results

Joanne x

Its been so beneficial to me :)


After reading two blog tonight on injecting in the tummy, I am so glad that I have embrel whereby it's mainly thigh and the nice medicine comes already pre-filled and I just use it as a pen. IF I actually saw a needle I don't think I could do it.


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