Trouble finding prior blog on arthritis online sites

I know that I answered someone's question with lots of arthritis online sites that I knew about, and I either printed or saved my list, but now I can't find it anywhere. (Fibro Fog strikes again). Does anyone know who sent the question so that I can get the sites again? Our local Arthritis Foundation guy wants all the links that anyone knows about, either online sites or FB links so that he can stay informed & know all the great links & information resources out there to share with others.


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  • Do you know when you answered the question and what it was called? sylvi.xx

  • Christine, i looked through the tags on fibro and on 28th Sept i think i posed a question on fibro and there was website on there. I have been through some of the questions on fibro and i went through the question from page 79 to page 64 and i coulldn't find anything which you answered. If you want to keep lookin through rhem don't go past 64. That is the best i can help you with as i am very tired.

  • Thanks Sylvi, I tried to find it too. It wasn't that long ago, I think. I couldn't remember the heading either. I looked thru pages 1 thru 25 but didn't think it was that far back. I'll check out Sept 28th, thanks again.

  • I think I found the blog, it was April 10, 2012, but my list wasn't there. Maybe I thought I had sent it & really didn't. Oh well.


  • Hi Chris

    Glad to see you so to speak

    Hope you are well

    Joanne x

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