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Has anyone else had storage issues with injections in fridge

Have to store three months injections of cimzia in fridge.The packets are very large and have to be stored in the the centre ie not touching sides or back.Wondered if I could take them out of the packets and into sealed container of some sort.They seem to take up much of the fridge space and not everyone in the household seems able to take this on board.Fed up with unpicking them from the sides and back .

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If you are in the UK I would phone Healthcare at Home (the company that delivers your Cimzia) to see if you could take them out of the packets and into a sealed container. That's an interesting idea. I am also on Cimzia and find that the packets do take up a lot of room in the fridge.

If you find out please let us know. If I get time I will phone Healthcare myself and ask.



When I was on MTX that had to be refrigerated that is what I did, like you say the packets take up too much room.

I would though do as Joan (above) suggested and ring the healthcare at home team and ask for their advice on this one, the procedure may be different.

Take care

mand xx


have phoned healthcare at home.THe girl I spoke to initially had to refer the problem and one of their chemists rung me back .He was very good and understood the problem.If the injections are removed from the packets for storage it voids the drug manufacturers guarantee.We came to the conclusion that a large plastic box to store the injections intact was the only option.Still takes up a lot of room but might stop problems with moisture and packets sticking to sides etc.Wonder why they can't make something better to start with.Must be possible.


I use a separate small drinks fridge for my injections - this sits on the counter top in the utility room. I bought it on sale in Currys for £45 - it's small and meant for beers etc but is perfect for this use:-) Plus at Xmas or when I have visitors it's great for cooling extra drinks etc.

Cece x


I think they must have recently responded to the Enbrel packaging! A giant box with plastic surrounding each one: often couldn't cut it with sausagey fingers. One month ago, I got a little box, peel off each pen. I can now fit more Echo Falls in the fridge!


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