Moisturising Creams ????

well after my first week of salt baths ,, ive found very little improvments ,, apart from starting to look like a dried prune .. :( " my skin gone dry "... i will just after stop before im asking for advice on Moisturising Creams ,,, this is not a question you can ask the lads down the local ... :)

teach me to read newspaper articles ....

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  • Haha andy that made me laugh lol !!i did think it wud dry our skin terribly,wot salt did you use??i always use e45 intensive recovery cream for my skin,you can get it anywhere,I get mine from will defintly hydrate your skin.:)))) haha you prune :))) take care Michelle xx

  • ive seen this E 45 stuff .. its in a white tub with blue letters on ... is that the stuff , shell ??

    andy x

  • Morning andy,no Inot that one but I know wot u mean about the big tub with blue letters on.mine is a white bottle with pink letters lol,but it's for intensive recovery,and it dusnt smell so you won't smelly poofy :)))) xx

  • morning michelle

    pink letters ?? ... oooooh !!!! that just says it all ... sounds poofy to me ,,shell .... :) :) xx

  • what about taking a moisturising bath?


  • that does sound like a better idea ,, sandra ..

    andy x

  • Hi Andy, I bought some Epsom salts to try but I've not got around to using them yet. How often have you been taking salt baths? I read that you shouldn't have more than 3 a week

    Paula x

  • hi paula ..

    3 times a week ??? oh dear !!! ... ive been every night for about a week "ooops" ... ive maybe over done it ... plus i didnt use the epsom salts i just used the table salt ... :) so still give it a try ,,paula ,, see if you have any better luck ,, but dont over do it

    andy .. x

  • Of course you always try using baby oil and be a J______n's baby !!

    Ah !!!!!

    Judi xxxxxxxx

    PS: Just don't stand too close to the boys down the pub afterwards

  • haha......oh yea !!! that baby oil smell can linger ,,afterwards .. good advice judi ... :)

    andy x

  • Andy i was told to use e45 cream on my arms as i now have fragile skin.The thing with e45 is that nobody can smell it so you won't get teased down the pb.xx

  • When having the salt in the bath you should follow up with a Tar Bath. One week salt and one week Tar. Used to do this years ago for my Psoriasis. Both are Yuk and you smell awful. Best to just have showers and and let the heat run into your joints and be able to move easier in and out the shower, even if it's over the bath one.

  • Awe bless Andy

    E45 is good. I prefer Oilatum and have had this on prescription. There is a shower gel, but careful as it will make the bath slippy. My skin is not so bad as yours at the mo, so I put the gel on wet skin just after a bath and pat skin dry. No perfume.

    Just off to the pub now - got some of your friends to see ;-)


  • Aqueous cream is on the same lines as E45 but a lot cheaper, you can buy it in most chemists in big tubs. It is used a lot in dermatology clinics. There are no colouring, additives or perfume. You can massage the cream into your skin and then rinse it off in the shower (ie like soap) or you can use it as a moisturusung cream. Wendy xx

  • Hydramol is good too available with and without prescription not perfumed

  • Hi tiger

    I used to use Aqueous cream for the same reason you suggest. However when I went to clinic they had pre printed sheets with AC printed on it and they had crossed it out. The consultant told me not to use it (really sorry but I can't remember the reason, - it was a while ago). It was her who recommended the Oilatum.


  • Just found this link


  • oh thanks alot ,, ladies ... i think its just down to taking to many salt baths ... thatll teach me to take notice of newspaper articles .. i should be ok ,, now ive stopped :)

    andy xx

  • Hi Andy, I have very bad skin (Psoriasis). Plus RA. I have used so many creams & ointments. I was in hospital & a irish nurse who cared for me, gave me some good advice, as I was having wet dressing. . You can buy this cream at the chemist, & mix it with hot water, I found my chemist s makes it up .If you are on a pension get the chemist to mix it , If not buy the cream & mix yourself.This is what it is,EMUSIFYING CREAM..........HOW TO MIX EQUAL PARTS EMUSIFYING OINTMENT TO HOT WATER, KEEP STIRING & IT BECOMES a CREAM. USE =by putting on all over body to shower or bath (becareful bath gets slippery.) After shower or bath PAT DRY BODY or I use the hairdryer on cool to dry myself. I have been doing this for the last three years & I have never looked back. PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE YOU USE IT. Just to make sure you have no allergies. Hope it works for you. To buy emusifying ointment at chemist it cost about $25.00 Australian Money.All the best let me know how you go. Regards Arthritis.

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