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Advice on vitamins and mineral supplements

Daughter having a hard time with meds at the moment,has her next appointment in 4weeks she has asked me to go with her . Her general health is not good I know there can be a problem with supplements and RA drugs that is why she is scared to take even a multi vitamin need to get more info can someone point me in right direction

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Ask your rheumy, i take natural suppliments aswell as conventional meds. My drs know what i take they dont believe it will cure me but do believe it helps. I take glucosomine, fish oil and tumeric. Do some.reseach and find a good health food shop you trust to give you some.direction. they cant cure the illness but they can support your joints and help ease alittle of the pain.


We've to be careful, meds & all that so she'd be wise to wait until her appointment & discuss why she's feeling she's having such a hard time & the need to supplement vitamins & minerals. Self help is good but check what she's deficient in that's what I'm trying to say! It may be that the meds she's on aren't controlling her well enough or simply not for her. Rheumatology isn't an exact science would that it were & more often than not we need to chop & change a few times before we find the correct treatment plan. That said some vitamins can be helpful though many aren't so again she's best asking her Rheumy which could be beneficial for her & the meds she takes. I try to get what's recommended for me through a good & varied diet so all I need is a prescribed AdCal-D3 & my Rheumy ok'd Omega 3 fish oil as I find it hard to eat more than one meal of oily fish weekly. Maybe discussing her diet too would be helpful if she feels the need to supplement?

I hope you're ok Olive?

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Doing OK had to back up to 10mg pred before Christmas after 6weeks at zero, also told me I have OP wanted me to take AA I said no thanks . Have had my thyroxin just put up to 75 micrograms hoping this will help with pred reduction

Really concerned about Karen ,they are adding mexatrexate in 4 weeks her poor body can't take any more she has bad IBS, takes 225micrograms thyroxin daily ,+meds for the IBS . As old as she is I still want to protect her ,will be going with her we will see tummy nurse, Sister Dixon ,she talks sense saw her last week like her more importantly Karen trusts her


if your daughter has thyroid issues and is suffering with IBS then she should get some blood work done and see what minerals and vitamins she is deficient in.

A lot of people that have thyroid problems don't absorb certain minerals and vitamins properly.. make sure she has some blood work done for things like b12, vitamin d, folate etc.

Also if it helps you out at all if your daughter is young and has a lot of health issues going on then you may want to try and functional health practioner and look into intergrated medicine. ( If you can try and find a good functional health practioner that is also a trainer dr. )

If your daughter has a lot of autoimmune problems going may want to think about doing things like getting some food allergy testing done and looking at ways to heal her gut, change her diet and removing toxic products that may be in the home etc.

There are lots of people that talk about healing the body on you tube and facebook but Some of my fav people to follow at the mo are the medical medium, dr john mcdoughall and this guy.

Does your daughter see an endocrinologist about her thyroid... I am just wondering because even though some dr's can be pretty good in regards to sorting out thyroid issues. I know for people my GP has been pretty bad when it comes to my thyroid issues.

On a personal note I have had a lot of autoimmune and since I have changed my diet and started getting help from an alternative health practioner the only thing that I have to sort out these days is my arthritis. I have had a few hiccups since trying to sort my ra out I just wanted to let you know what has helped for me.

Hope you manage to get your daughters health back on track soon. Take care

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I'm pleased you're doing ok Olive, seems you need to be. I understand 're AA, I tried that & risedronate & had to stop. Got the ok to start infusions, GP pushed for them as she's concerned I've no support save for AdCal-D3 but got the ok to go onto infusions following latest DEXA... by a locum Rheumy not mine so still waiting!

Do each of Karen's Consultant's swap notes? I do hope so, especially if she's struggling & as she's going onto MTX it might be prudent to suggest she starts subcut & low dose initially to see how she reacts keeping in mind gastro side of things. I'm sure she's very grateful for your support & I hope the appointments are productive, do let us know. x


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