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NOW magazine staff running the Royal Parks half marathon for NRAS - it would be great if you could sponsor/support them !

NOW magazine staff running the Royal Parks half marathon for NRAS - it would be great if you could sponsor/support them !

Hi everyone, I've not blogged for ages but I have been reading how everyone is doing and I'm glad to say that I have had very positive results after 2 cycles of Rituximab. Those that know me from old know that I had tried most things including CIMZIA anti-tnf with no improvement and after 3 years was desperate. I'm hoping that once the steroids have worn off I continue to feel a little better but the relief from continual pain is good. I'm not pain free and still walking with sticks but it's better than I've dared hope for in the past.

My dear daughter Jess has supported me so much and she has coaxed her work mates at NOW magazine, where she is the News Editor, to support NRAS as thier charity this year. Hopefully it will raise awareness in the press which is a really good thing.

Here's what Jess has written on the magazine facebook page...........

Jess's message;-

Don't laugh! But I'm RUNNING the Royal Parks HALF MARATHON with other members of Now Magazine on October 7. I've not run for 15 years but we're doing it for the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society which really helps my mum and does so much good work.

So please please sponsor me because I want to raise lots of money - then you can all come and laugh at me as I run round!

Please sponsor them if you can.

Love Sue x

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That's great Harley Sue - and good to know that at last you have found a drug that helps you. Take care, Tilda xx


Thanks Tilda, it's been a long haul and I just hope I can continue to progress. It is so hard to be passed for biologics that you put all your hope into them and after the first failure I was so distraught but thankfully Rituximab seems to be doing something good ! I just wish everyone could benefit from these special drugs if money wasn't an issue on NHS.

Take care, love Sue x


Good to know you are now feeling a little better. The team at NOW Magazine are all gearing up for the run on the 7th October. Please come along and support our team of 14 runners taking part on the day, its a great atmosphere and I know they will appreciate you cheering them on. If you would like to sponsor any of our runners please visit our website at

A huge thank you to all our runners and to Sue and Jess for the nomination to NOW Magazine.



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