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Methotrexate and Brain Fog

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My mom was diagnosed with Felty Syndrome, low WBC. As treatment they have prescribed her Methotrexate, 10mg, weekly subcutaneously. The low WBC seems to be coming up but the cognitive side of things has rapidly deteriorated. She has been taking the MTX since November 2017. We've been to see a Neurologist as well as an Geriatric specialist. She has had brain scans, CT scans, all manner of test that I can't even remember them all. Everything comes back fine. No one can explain why her cognitive function declined and continues to be an issue. I only get " MTX can not cause this"! I'm thinking phewy!!! It's the one thing that's changed since all this took place. Are there any actual studies or trials that show a connection between MTX and cognitive issues? She has been tested for RA, she no symptons at all. She did test positive for RA factor. I honestly believe they have no idea and are just guessing, using her a pin cushion.

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Hi. I don't know about trials producing evidence, but many people on here will testify to brain fog with methotrexate. Very frustrating that nobody is buying this when you sound quite sure it is affecting your Mum. If they think she has Feltys could they give a different drug instead? Has she been seen in Rheumatology?

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She is currently being seen by Rhuematology, they are prescribing the Mtx and of course they are saying there is no evidence of it causing cognitive issues.

With Norisa on this; my own rheumatology dept recognise MTX ‘brain fog’ as side effect & think it’s even in the leaflets on it?

I was on it for over a year, apart from other side effects, it is so nice to have my cognitive ability back: my adult kids even commented on it, I can word find, remember what i’ve just read, recall etc etc. X if you look at related posts at bottom, there are a few post on it 🙂

Hello KYredhead ,

I have no knowledge about research papers on the subject. I have taken methotrexate in tablet form for about 5 years now and i can testify to the disabling cognitive affects . My short term memory and spelling brain have been particularly affected. It was extremely noticeable for the first few months, but still feel muted, muggy and below par , most noticeably for a few days after taking it. So much so, that I have considered stopping taking it? But I am still using it despite reservations? Perhaps your mum could discuss taking a slightly lower dose of trying something else? I take it for rheumatoid arthritis.

Best wishes xx

I've been on mtx for eight years now and I've not really had any side effects. I've just got the leaflet out that comes with the injection and it does say that it can cause confusion. It is listed in the uncommon section of side effects.

Hope you find some answers soon. xx

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