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I have written a small app which can be downloaded free from the iTunes AppStore called "howRU health tracker". It works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This lets you keep a diary every day of how you are feeling, how much you can do and any relevant diary notes, such as changes in medication etc. It is best to use it at the same time each day, because our perception of how we are feeling often changes during the day. It only takes a few seconds. The value increases over time as it is so hard to recollect how you really felt even a few days ago, and you can start to see trends and how much some things help. I would be interested in hearing whether anyone else finds it useful. You can contact me at through the messaging service. Tim Benson

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  • Sounds like a great idea for i-people......but sadly I'm not i-enabled as am a blackberry baby. I do a similar thing for myself the old fashioned way, as I make monthly little flip books (like the kids cartoon flip books) using a skeleton and a traffic light where every day I mark on the bits that hurt in red and decide whether was a red/orange/green day on traffic light. At the end of each month it's then easy to flip through to get an overview of the month and watch the skeleton & lights change. It's good to see that these days I have more of an orange/green tinge where once it was all red. So agree that overall concept is useful - just different methods for different people.... Polly

  • This is a great idea and I'm sure lots of people wil take you up on your offer - but for those who don't have an ipad, NRAS have brought out a brilliant new book which not only has great tips and ideas but a page by page diary (with notes) for you to score your pain levels, fatigue levels, symptoms etc each day. It's called "RAise it with your doctor" and they will happily post one out to you. The idea is for you to take it with you to your consultant appointments as an aide memoir.

  • Thanks for this info!


  • i love that idea and i am thinking because i am such a techno phobe i might see if i can use this - I had to give my ipod to my brother for him to upload music on - that's how bad i am.

    I have to get a new mobile and have considered ipod touch, so when i get this and read the instructions and give it to someone else to download it i will try and work it.

  • Off to download it now! X

  • What a brilliant idea. Will fire up the iPad and get downloading! LavendarLady x

  • Thanks Jean Ire just ordered my NRAS Raise it with your doctor.

  • Hi tim, i downloaded the app and it looks great thankyou, also just ordered copy of RAise it with your doctor thanks jean.

    Nicky x

  • I would be interested in any feedback about how the 4 howRU items with 4 options seem in comparison with those used in "RAise it with your doctor", which are RA-specific (3 items and 5 options). Tim

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