Rotary Clothes Dryers

Not that I have used mine this week but I am an optimist: one day the weather will be good for drying!

I do have a problem with my dryer in that I can no longer fold the arms away (it works like an umbrella) so it is permanently up! Not much of a problem for me as I am not very tall but it is something of an obstacle to others. Do any of you know of RA friendly rotary dryers that are easy to open and close?

Take care and have a good weekend.

Christine x

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  • i have mine permanently up as well Christine and its the same as yours, umbrella style, i bought it before RA and because it said easy to open and close but it is not you need a lot of strength. Sorry can't be of more help.

  • I think the only ones that will close very easy will be the most costly, Mine stays open all year round and I have to duck so I don`t get the baby clothes in my ear lol.

    Maybe have it moved further from the path so that others wont need to duck .


  • It is good to know that it isn't just me! Thank you. The tiny spiders seem to appreciate my dryer ... :)

    Christine x

  • What about the dryers that can be attached to the wall and pulled out when needed.

    Sylvia. x

  • I too have converted to the pull out type - it works well. Hubby screwed it to the garage wall & I have a hook on garden fence. Just pull out and hook on - even with really bad hands it works. Mine was from Wilkinson's and cost under £5.

    Sue x

  • I have a rotary drier that goes up and down with a handle, very easy to put up and down. It was a bit more expensive than the usual type, however, it also has a 10 year guarantee, so felt this was worth the extra!

  • Thank you! I will check them out, it may possibly be cheaper than paying someone to move my existing one.

    Take care and haver a good weekend.


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