RA and clothes

RA and clothes are a heady mix and don't always have a successful relationship.

* Firstly, the knickers. When your joints refuse to bend, these pose a very big problem. Solution - go commando.

* The bra. For God's sake! What muppet invented this? It's hard enough to navigate at the best of times without sausage fingers. Solution - burn it.

* The socks. Totally impossible to get on with sausage fingers. Solution - borrow your mans oldest pair - the ones that are 20 sizes too big and slowly unravelling in the bottom drawer.

* The rest. Total waste of time bothering. It just ain't gonna happen. Solution - invest in Wallace and Grommits automatic dressing machine. Or if unobtainable, join a nudist colony.

Samcat :)

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love your blogs they always make me giggle!!

My solution is if I aint going anywere I stay in my jamas!

You can get a bra angel to help you with your bra

and a kicker / hosiery aid to help with them

and a grabber to help you dress

and a button hook to help with them

but to be honest you need an extra wardrobe space just for all the gadgets to help you dress, no good if you want to go swimming and need to pack everything you need, you would need a suitcase just for the aids!


These gadgets sound a good idea - perhaps a house extension would be more appropriate!!

Samcat XX



I love your blogs. You have a very good humorous slant on things. In short they make me laugh!

I would agree ra & clothes don't mix. If I can't get it on I wear trousers & boots. I wear alot of trousers since being diagnosed. Dress are good, but you need to wear tights with them & of course be able to raise your hands over your head. Tights or hosiery I find really hard to get on, can manage socks better, so don't wear dress often. I tend to buy bras that are bigger in the back, as they easier to put on, then your ladies might fall out, but hey, this world is not perffect.

Make do comes to mind,

Sci x


My 'ladies' have a mind of their own, even in a bra!!

Samcat XX


I don't know what is worse, allowing the ladies to fall out or slip under or not wearing none at all?

I prefer them to hang as that is most comfortable for me!

Sci :D


House extension is about what you'd need.

Or live in jamas or leggings and baggy tops, no buttons no zips velcro on the shoes wow I'm looking bang on trend for my thirtys not!


How about elasticated everything..and vests !!we could start up a business!! Axx


Love the blog,why not have have everything with velcro on at least one pull and their off!!!!!!!


Oh it's so true! Hilarious. I was trying to get some tights on the other morning saying to my husband, how am I suppoed to get my knee up to get it over my foot! You are too funny. Xx


So true, so true - like the vecro idea


Commando all the way, i aint worn pants for years, although in cold weather i do tend to leave my pjs on under my jeans lol!!!


We must be more casual over here. A dress! Only time we have occasion for a dress is weddings, and then only if you're the mother of one of the couple. It does surprise me, as I was raised and grew up all through school to wearing dresses or skirts and sweaters or blouses. But this is a little, rather sterile community of less than 10,000, and very laid back, casual and friendly.

But hardly anybody wears dresses, or even skirts, anymore. You do mention jeans, and we live in jeans. It's like the national uniform! Dress occasions call for nice, tailored slacks,nice dressy blouses or sweaters, and maybe top off with beads or a necklace.

I love the jewelry, have lots of things I have aquired, from my grandma and my mom. But, alas, not much occasion to wear any of it. Except when I conduct my meetings, or when my 4 close friends and I get together. Sometimes we overdo it just to be able show off. It get hilarious.

Sometimes I delay getting dressed in the morning, but find I don't get anything done until I get dressed, and put my shoes on. My feet need more support than my slippers can give, even though they do have orthotics in them.

I'm out of here, must get busy, it's cleaning day. The vacci awaits! Y'all have a nice, relaxing, pain-subdued weekend! Love, Loret


Velcro is always good - now what about this automatic dresser I am sure we could all but our brains together and build a suitable object.

Now there's free enterprise for you


Bra burning was before my time, I was born in '68. It sounds like fun though.

I love staying in my fleece pj's all day. They are so warm. I just realized that I have 2 sets of Eeyore pj's. I do love him & they are both purple-my favorite color.

Socks, I like thick anklet ones to walk in, but long ones to wear to keep warm, I feel like I change my socks all the time.

I agree with Loret, the last time I wore a dress was at my Dad & Dorothy's wedding 3 years ago. I used to have to wear dresses at work before they went business casual then to all casual. I live in my jeans. I also love wind pants, they have a lining on the inside & are so warm. They are loud pants-in color & noise, but I love them & they are so comfortable.

I'm sitting here drinking a hot chocolate in a mug that says 'Have the courage to be a little crazy!' It shows a multicolored zebra in a crowd of normal zebras.

So, I wear the loud pants, I have purple, hot pink, black, blue, and red ones.

Thanks Samcat for the laugh.



Heck yes, Christine, "Have courage to be a little crazy" It's ageless.

You might like Sylvia's hair and nail styles :)


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