New Poll Launched - NRAS Self Management Programme

New Poll Launched - NRAS Self Management Programme

At NRAS everything we do as a charity is about informing, educating, supporting and empowering people living with RA to manage their disease as effectively as possible and to get the best quality of life out of every day as possible.

Our Self Management Programme, which has been developed over the last 3 years (in partnership with the Expert Patient’s Programme CIC), is further reinforcement of our commitment in this respect.

It all began as a simple idea in Ailsa's head at the end of 2006; this sparked an initial conversation with the EPP. At the time we did not have the resources to do anything further about it but she kept thinking about it and eventually, towards the end of 2007 it was agreed that we had the resources to take it forward. We then put together a Steering Group to help us drive and develop the project.

The Department of Health are aware that a person’s ability to self manage is one of the most important, often untapped, resources available to the government for improving outcomes for people with long term conditions.

Self-Management is defined by them as “the individual’s ability to manage the symptoms, treatment, physical and psychosocial consequences and lifestyle changes inherent in living with a chronic condition”. In practice it is about being able to manage one’s RA, the treatments and day-to-day life in the best possible and most realistic way to suit the individual in the context of YOUR own life.

Our RA Self Management course can help you to:

•Get the best from your medication

•Communicate more effectively with your healthcare team

•Lean how to better manage flares, pain and fatigue

•Understand the benefits of pacing, avoiding ‘boom and bust’ syndrome

•Meet others with RA and share experiences

•Set meaningful, achievable goals and action plans

•Learn how to problem solve

•Manage anxiety and depression

Those people who have been on the pilot programmes tell us that they have developed a more positive outlook and are much better able to put purpose to their daily lives & activities whilst staying well and setting and achieving goals.

Our aim now is to encourage as many Health Authorities as possible to buy in to this programme and start running courses across the UK.

In order to achieve this goal we need to convince the various Commissioners that this is something that you want. Please help us to do this by completing the new poll that has been set today.

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This course would be an absolute must for anyone struggling to cope with their RA, and newly diagnosed.

Having had RA 17years now these sort of things such as learning how to pace and get the best from your consultant etc are things I have had to learn myself over the years. It hasn't been easy takes a long time to accept and learn to live a reasonable life with this disease, so this sort of course can only be a positive thing, anyone living with a chronic long term illness needs to learn how to live with it and to get the most out of their life.

RA turned my life upside down and I though I would never live a normal life again, but I live my life the best way I can now by being positive and keeping strong.

I hope this Self-management Programme gets the go-ahead and therefore be available across all Health Authorities so everyone who suffers from this terrible disease can benefit from it.

Good luck

mand xx


I've just been enrolled on one coutesey of my rheumatology department. It starts next Thursday.

I'm looking Forward to learning more about RA and meeting others in the same boat as me.

I will keep you all posted with how it goes.


Hi Julie

I'll see you on the 20th October! I've been asked to talk about NRAS as part of the last session. I'll be very nervous now I know you'll be there!!! Lots of love x


Hi jean,

I look forward to your talk, no need to be nervous but I am so glad you are being asked to talk more people should know about nras and I am sure will get many more recruits for the meetings this way as you know I was worried sick about attending a meeting but one I met yourself and Lindsey I felt totaly at ease and was made to feel welcome.

See you on the 20th x

Take care

Julie x x


How do I find out if one is available in Scotland?


this sounds great x


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