now have no job!!

went to a meeting, today, review me on how things are, as my r,a, is not no better, been told ,i am being demised from my job, so thanks R.A, for taking my life away slowly , wot is it now they say on the dole, great, so will have to put my fighting , head on , and get right for the tribunal, as UN fit to work,,, so head down, her i come to try for, disability living allowance

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  • Do you consider yourself 'unfit for work'? Or could you do your job with some adjustments? I only ask because they can't push you out of work for having a disability, if you are prepared (and able) to continue with 'reasonable adjustments'. If you genuinely can't, and many people will be in the same boat, then fair enough, but they are obliged by law to make reasonable adjustments if that will enable you to continue work.

    Have a look at this link for your rights!

    Sara xx

  • You can sue for unfair dismissal as they didn't make adecate adjustments to allow you to work. You will be entitled to esa and yes you want to claim dla as well and a blue badge. I'm sorry you have lost your job. Love sylvi.xx

  • hi my job was working as a transport, for disability children, taking them to and from school, because, of the meds i take, i feel i am not able to do the job, was not offered any thing else, so told i had to be let go. , hope i have explained it ok back to you , as iam rubbish on her, i can spell, sorry ,jo,x

  • Never mind your spelling Jo, tell us more if you can bear to. The more you can say about your situation the more chance there is of someone coming up with something that might make a difference to you.

    I'm wondering about communication with your employer ..... are they clear that you would like something else (assuming that you would)? Are you yourself sure in your own mind that the meds make you unable to do the job?

    Is there another role with disabled children that you could take on? You must have learned a lot about their needs by now.

    Just questions and thoughts. But I'm sorry you are going through this.

    Christina xx

  • Hi, I'm sorry to hear your news, from the job description you appear to have been working for the local council, if this was the case were you not in the union? If you answer yes to all then get in touch with them, they may be able to help you.

  • hi no was not in a union,, , was not offered any think else, because my ra. has not in proofed, in the last year as can get the pain un control. which i told them is not my fault. as it takes , so long to see them, and for the meds to work, , as i had bad side affects from 2 of the tablets, which i was on, has pushed be back, , so really dont no wot do for the best, at the,Mo, , ,, and with taking 8 co.codamol a day, by, 2pm, i am so tried , and school runs are a 3pm, as i have be trying to get up at 5.30am. to try and get sored for work, but can do 5days a week:(..

  • Pay a visit to your local CAB, they can advise you about unfair dismissal, at least then you will have received views from a legal point. I know you may not feel like it at the moment as you, but they should be able to give you some sound advice. Good Luck xxx

  • Have you thought of going part-time, if that is a possibility? Maybe working half-days, or reducing your days? It doesn't sound like they've offered you any alternatives, which is unfair - how long had you been off work before this meeting took place? My boss usually expects me to come up with my own solutions to things, which isn't always easy when my head is full of medication and fibro-induced fluff!

    Hope things improve!

    Sara xx

  • I am so so sorry. I am a TA and like you got so exhausted. I managed to get my hours reduces to 3 days a week. Had to fight to get hours reduced but they have to make reasonable adjustment. I wrote to personell saying I had RA and was considered to have a disability, only then did they reduce my hours. I know it does not help but dont give in either to this bloody illness or those who dont understand!!! xxx

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