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help with fatigue

Hi everybody, just a quick question?

im on enbrel and mtx and have been for 2 years now, my RA is under great control but im still soooo tired! I work shifts which i know is not the best but money good. I just wondered if there was anything out there from people experiences that i could take to help combat this and stop a bit of the tirdness at least, and that wont interfere with these immunosuppressants we are on??



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As a lot of people with RA seem to be slightly anaemic it is no wonder that you - and I - feel tired. Give into it when you can without disrupting your lifestyle. I also take cod liver oil and that too helps with psoriasis which also seems to come along with RA, but then there are so many different types of RA and many more people so it is a trial and error thing for yourself otherwise there wouldn't be so many medications for it.


For the fatige I use GNC magnesium, 400gr a day :)

And sports, 3 times a week, if you are great under Embrel much better


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