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My fatigue has been unrelenting! Work is super busy with the school holidays on, I am a breakfast chef. I work from 5.30 to 11.30 in the morning, it is none stop until I come home and standing only! There is no sitting down. I get up at 4.15am by the time I come home I am exhausted! I don't think Humeria is working yet. I have had only 2 injections so far. My hands, knuckles, my wrists and fingers are all in pain too. I am home for 11.45 and it's straight to bed after my shower for a hour and I could sleep longer, but would struggle to sleep at night! I am just having a rant! Thanks for listening. Take care everyone 🙂 X

16 Replies
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I really understand! I do 12 hour shifts in the NHS and they knock me for 6! My days off are nothing but rest at the moment. I’m currently using self care measures to help like TENS, ibuprofen gel (which takes the edge off a bit)… if I can rest in the day then I do. Really hope you feel more comfortable soon. The early starts with my job really get me too, as I feel so stiff and lethargic and pain is usually worse for me in the mornings.

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Oh gosh me too. 12/13h shifts are just so grim. Sending sympathy

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Aren’t they just?! And being on your feet and active most of the day, instability of when you’ll get your break etc… Sympathy right back at you!

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Omg, that is such a long shift, I only work half your hours, honestly hats off to you!! I don't know how you do it?? Well done. 🙂

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Crumbs...no pun intended....I cannot imagine how you are managing to get through what you are doing. I'd like to say a big thank you for what you do, in spite of what you are going through. I hope they appreciate that you are continuing to strive through even though you are not really well enough to. Take care, and a big thank you. Anyone working in the NHS gets my respect.

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Still plenty of time for humira to get to work. Hang in there and rest as much as you can 🤗

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Hi Carolsos It took about 10 weeks for mine to kick in, but it was well worth the wait.

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Fatigue is my hell point at the moment I feel for you x

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I've never experienced anything like this current bout of fatigue, it's like running into a wall. On some days I've been too tired to even stand up. I really hate it...I hope it improves soon!

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Oh I really feel for you.I used to work as a cook in a nursing home six days a week 6 am to 3pm. Staff was cut to bare minimum so I had to prep and wash pots too etc.pain got too much and was off sick for 6mths then had to give the job up.Miss the people.You do amazingly well to continue working when you struggle so much with all the pain you have

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Morning. I would personally just carry on sleeping after your shower. Do that for a week and see how you go. You will wake up when your body wants to. Go to bed early with a book if you are worried about nighttime. X

If this isn’t feasible have a drink before you go to bed. Your bladder will wake you after a couple of hours..

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The fatigue is a killer, I don't know how people manage to work with poorly controlled RD. Best wishes to you and hope the meds click in soon.

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That sounds full on, no wonder you are shattered. I hope you can get some rest in this heat.

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Thank you everyone for your replies Take care everyone 🙂

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Fatigue is my worst symptom. I FIGHT for my rights with my doctors. Currently on 200 mg of Modafinil (Soldier Stay Awake Pills) and 4.5 LDN-Low Dose Naltrexone at night. It is life changing for me. I have a waking moving life!

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Deeb1764 in reply to JenHasRA

oooooohhhhh I am going to talk to my Gp about these I am desperate x

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