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Hi everybody, just a quick question?

im on enbrel and mtx and have been for 2 years now, my RA is under great control but im still soooo tired! I work shifts which i know is not the best but money good. I just wondered if there was anything out there from people experiences that i could take to help combat this and stop a bit of the tirdness at least, and that wont interfere with these immunosuppressants we are on??



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  • Hi, My husband used to work shifts, and he was always tired even thought he did not have RA! What used to help him was to have a nap in the afternoon when not on shift or if he was on the early one. When I say 'nap' he used to go out for about 2-3 hours.

    Hope this helps.

  • hi ant

    i also work shifts a mix of 12hr nights and days .. i understand how difficult this is ,, i also really struggle with fatigue .. i dont have the answer .. but will be interested to see any tips on how to battle this ...

  • Hi Antony74

    Hopefully more people will be along soon with some tips for you, but in the meantime it may be worth having a read of the 'Fatigue and RA' article on our website:

    Kind regards

    Sarah Kate


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