Painting the garage part 2

Well lovely people part 2 is now complete. Went to bedworth to get the meat for sunday lunch,had a good nosy round town, before i went home. Lovely morning so i drove my scooter over and back while my hubby went down the allotment. Got home and had a rest before i started the garage. Cup of tea and changed my clothes and put shorts and t shirt on. It didn't rain once while i was out there. I have now done the other door the gate and the fence. Got started and i couldn't stop. I had a lovely time out there and i am to blame for my next door neighbour having to get his paint brush out. His wife has been giving stick for not doing anything, good natured banter between the houses with dave. Its nice for me to feel bright enough to have a banter.

Hubby has cleared up behind me, bless him. He's made me sit down. He and george are clearing up from tea, they cooked between them which was very nice.

I was on my laptop last night until late and i was playing solataire in my sleep, then my son came home with a touch of food poisoning and woke me up. Funny isn't it their 24 and wanting to be independant, but when their ill they want their mum and they become a child again. I don't know what he's going to do when he goes on the cruise ships this month, he won't be able to have his mum when he's not feeling well then. He will be away for 6 months. That is going to interesting.

Well ladies and any gents reading this i'm off to really rest.

Bye bye,

Sylvia. xx

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Hi Sylvi - loved the blog. You have been a busy girl. Solitaire makes my neck ache, haven't played it for years, too addictive :-)

I expect your son will be too busy working and enjoying himself to be ill when he is away! Lucky thing. What is he doing? I would have loved to have done that when I was a little tacker.

Hope you have had a good rest after all that hard work

Julie xxx


hi julie,

My son is going to work in the casino on board the carnival dream. Working out of Miami. He's a croupier. UNtil last week he was at the Ricoh arena in coventry. He has wanderlust just like his dad. My bob was in the army for 24yrs, so i think thats where he gets it from. His first trip is to Panama, he leaves england on the 16th of this month. I'm going to miss him. He went to India last year, he had a good time despite getting Delhi belly which he was very poorly.

I'm exhausted today i can tell you. I am very pleased with what i achieved even if i'm to suffer today. Didn't sleep too well either, but never mind thanks to the rain i won't be doing anything anyway. Solitaire is addictive isn't it ,but while i'm playing it i'm off my feet. I won't play it in bed though as i dream it during the night.

I'm glad you enjoyed my blog, i'll try for more of them. Its nice to have a laugh, even if its at my expense.

take care Julie

Love Sylvia. xx


wow your son's new job sounds Fab!

Glad to hear your RA and Fibro is still allowing you to be productive. It can be so rewarding just the Feeling of managing to do a job on the house or in your case garage!

l think we are all the same no matter how old we are when we are ill, its always reasurring to speak to Mum about it, don't know were I'd be without my Mum, love her millions she has been a rock through the past Few years although I know it breaks her heart to see me surfer in pain.

Take care enjoy your day. Glad to hear your enjoying your new laptop. i too have a new one a tablet finding touch screens l pens etc much better on my hands much more choice now not as repetitive I have the choice of touching the screen, using u pen on the screen to write, or the standard keyboard and mouse so hands get to Strop and change.

love Julie X


Hi sylvia, yes your son's job does sound glam, you will miss him so much though.

When you complete the task like you have done with the painting etc, it does make you feel good doesn't it.

That solitaire is so addictive though.

Hope you not suffering to much today though.

Take care

mand xx


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