Is this an RA Nodule ?

I was diagnosed with RA 6 yrs ago and although I do have pain and mobility restrictions, I have never had a 'full blown' flare up - as in severe swelling of my joints. (I'm lucky I know !)

About a month ago I developed a pea sized, movable, lump on the INSIDE of my middle finger. It isn't painful and has a bluish tinge.

I also have what my GP said were 'probably cysts' on my labia.( I get cysts frequently in my breasts - due to a hormone imbalance which has now been blamed on the menopause.) I'm now wondering if these could also be nodules as I read online that you can get them there too. Are these nodules do you think ?

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Hi Jan, without proper examination no one could answer that for you. See your GP or consultant who can put your mind at rest or refer for further investigations if needed.

Beth x


Thanks Beth, will make an appointment on Monday.


Hi Jan I have a nodule on the middle finger of my right hand near the knuckle which more or less appeared overnight.I also used to suffer from breast cysts on a regular basis.As Beth said it's as well to get it checked out just for peace of mind.

I had mine checked by GP and rheumatologist.The verdict was RA related nodule.

Best Wishes x


Hi Jan, yes I have lots of nodules on my finger joints now. Rheumy and GP both said the first ones on the top joints were OA/ wear and tear and the middle joint and knuckle ones are probably RA related but I am really sure they all are because it's too much of a coincidence that they've sprung up at same time as the RA arrived I think and I don't have OA anywhere else. Anyway I think the OA/ wear and tear is a symptom of the RA too so obviously all connected.

Two of my finger joints (one on each hand) are permanently bluish and bruised looking now and they are the two which don't bend. When swollen (most of the time) they do look like nodule things and one has a hard shiny pink hard nodule on the side of it. At least it's not always red and shiny now but it was when it first sprung up a few months ago. At first these lumps on my finger joints were really very sore but once they've arrived they seem to settle down and become normal part of the finger or knuckle so I don't notice them any more. They are very different to the purplish swellings which are soft and spongy and eventually just feel like bony extensions to my fingers.

I think rheumatoid nodules are usually on elbows and come with very aggressive RA and often come and go, whereas these nobbly ones of mine seem to be here to stay! Hope this helps a little. TTx


Hello Jan , Tilda,

i have several nodules on my fingers, knuckles and my middle finger on the inside joint.My Consutant is sending me for ultra sound on them ,not sore at all .will tell u the result when Ive been. Type in RA nodules on the NRAS web site.mine are not so bad.My GP said proberley a Ganglean on my middle finger.

All the best Patx


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