Does anybody have scleroderma????

I went to the RA physio today. It went really well but when I undressed she saw the hardness that I have previously mentioned on here. She told me that she hasn't seen anything like it in 20years of RA work. Really nice she went to get a 2nd opinion, who then went and got a 3rd opinion in the way of a RA nurse who agreed she had no idea what it was, so off she went for the 4th opinion in the way of the RA consultant. I was at a different hospital so it wasn't my usual consultant. The RA consultant had a good look and said it could possibly be scleroderma but I would need a skin biopsy first. He said as I am seeing my consultant tomorrow he would not action anything. Felt really productive though as its the most help I've had in weeks. After some investigation I've had a read up ready for my consultant tomorrow but wondered has anybody got scleroderma????

I'm ready for a fight tomorrow at the consultant whether it be a new anti Tnf or tests for the hardness just know that tonight I won't be sleeping easy.

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scleroderma is another autoimmune illness that presents in a similar way to RA, and can sometimes happen in addition to RA. Most people with scleroderma get Raynauds symptoms too - in fact that usually precedes the onset of other symptoms, but not always. There are certain blood tests that can also verify scleroderma - one is the anticentromere antibody ( i think!) and also, microvascular study can often find changes in the blood vessels around the nail beds on your hands that are characteristic . I have the raynauds, and had the microvascular study done over the summer - quite painless , some of it just involves thermal imaging, and the rest is just a microscopic view of your fingers to see if the capillaries are damaged. Other illnesses such as lupus and primary sjogrens can also turn up changes in the blood vessels, and just the fact that the raynauds is secondary to an autoimmune disease can also lead to changes, but my rheumy found the microvascular study report helpful.

I really hope you managed to sleep, and please dont worry too much. I hope that your appointment is productive, you make progress and all is well. Good luck with it, and know that you have support here when you need it,

Please let us know how you get on x


Great answer from Ariadne. You should have a biopsy to see what it is. Scleroderma is serious and you need to know if it is that. If it turns out to be scleroderma we can talk. No need to worry yet. Please let us know. Thanks.



My consultant today said that my bloods I had for. When I started seeing her came back clear for it but she has re done blood tests today to see if that's changed.

Will let you know the results.

Thank you for your detailed answer x


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We would always encourage everyone to ask for scientific evidence when considering non-standard treatments for any conditions.

As far as NRAS and the British Society of Rheumatology (BSR) are aware there is currently no cure for rheumatoid arthritis.

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