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Holy cow

Still off mtx gp has put me on steroids whilst i wait but the pain is no different, when i bend my knees it feels like the kneecaps are bursting out of my legs, just to add a positive, its got raining lol

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Hi Niall, it must be hard, especially when the MTX has worked for you. Can't offer any more advice than what I'm sure you've already been told - rest up and take care of yourself as much as you can. Have you tried co-codamol or tramadol for the pain?

B x


I have to take it easy with the ai as sensitive stomach catch 22 important afraid :-(


I too have sensitive stomach but I was given all the above and more nsaids aslong as i take omempresole. Hope you feel better soon, because when it works it works...

from she who is struggling now on 20mg MTX cause the cons said so!!!!!

Hips now playing up.


I was on 15 but my liver kicked off


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